The Ultimate Garden Makeover Guide

The Ultimate Garden Makeover Guide

This is a collaborative post.

Right now, you’ve probably not given your garden much attention since around about September last year. The days got shorter, the temperature got colder, and you kind of just neglected your garden in favour of staying inside in the warmth. Don’t worry, we all do this! As a consequence, spring rolls around, and we notice our garden is now in a right old state. It used to look so gorgeous and green, now it’s slightly overgrown with old leaves everywhere, and it just doesn’t look appealing.

Why do we neglect our garden through winter? Because there’s pretty much no reason to go out there and use it. But, with spring just around the corner, and some brighter and warmer weather coming with it, we can start to think about using our garden once more. At the very least, spring is a good chance to get your garden ready for the summer months, where it will hit peak usage.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve compiled a short guide to the ultimate garden makeover. All the advice you could possibly need is in this guide, and it will help you revitalise your garden after its long winter slumber.

Deal With Your Weed Problem

You don’t need me to tell you that your garden is suffering from a rabid weed problem. They’ve grown everywhere during the winter, and they’ll keep growing even more during spring and summer. Therefore, you have to deal with them before they take over your garden and make it look awful. Thankfully, there are solutions out there to help you get rid of weeds as effectively as possible. You can try ripping them up from their roots or using a strimmer to cut them down. I suggest spraying down some weed killer afterwards, as this prevents them from growing again. Already, your garden should look a lot better! If you have patio or decking – which is highly recommended if you want an awesome garden – then you’ll likely have a very bad weed problem, and this can take some time to get rid of.

Give Your Garden A Trim

Have you ever gone months and months without a trip to the hairdressers? If you have, you’ll know how quickly your hair can grow out of control, making you look a lot more ragged and dishevelled. The same goes for your garden when you don’t maintain it during winter. The grass grows, the bushes grow; everything just gets longer and thicker. If you want to transform your garden and make it better, then you have to give it a trim. Cut the grass, trim the hedges, and just make your garden look more appealing and less overgrown. This is often the worst part of giving your garden a makeover, along with ripping up the weeds. However, it can’t be avoided, and regular maintenance is recommended if you want to keep your garden beautiful at all times.

Get Some Fresh Furniture

For me, furniture isn’t something you should confine to the inside of your home. I find that some lovely garden furniture will really add something to your outdoor haven. For starters, it gives your garden that extra level of practicality – you now have a reason to go out there, because you can sit on a nice chair and relax on the patio. But, it also just adds to the aesthetic appeal of your garden too. The best advice I can give about garden furniture is to make sure it’s waterproof. If you’re getting fabric furniture, then ensure the material can handle a bit of wetness. If you browse cushions here, you’ll see that you can even get some nice little furniture accessories that are waterproof. Again, cushions are great for adding to the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Naturally, if you want to have plastic garden furniture, then this will be waterproof anyway!

Plant Some Seasonal Flowers

Spring is a time for new beginnings and new life. As such, it’s the perfect time to plant some flowers in your garden. I believe this is one of the best ways you can give your garden a lovely little makeover. Obviously, if you have flowers there already, then they’re most probably dead thanks to winter. So, it’s simply a case of getting rid of them and planting your new ones. I suggest some seasonal spring flowers, which can last until summer, where you’ll then update them to ones that grow better during the warmer months. The benefit of planting flowers is that you add some colour and fragrance to your garden. It brings the whole space together, making it look like a lovely piece of art.

Get Your Paintbrush Out

Finally, it’s time to get the buckets of paint out and start being artistic! Okay, I’m kidding, you haven’t got to be wildly creative here, I’m not about to suggest you draw art on the back of your house. Instead, I think now is a great time to paint the outside of your home or your garage, garden shed, garden fence, and so on. Basically, anything in your garden that can be painted should be painted. Why? Again, we go back to winter and the bad weather. It’s likely that paint has been chipped or scratched away because of the cold winds. No matter how nice you make your garden look, it can all be ruined by chipped paint on a fence or wall. It really shouldn’t take long to paint things, and you can bring a painter in if you’re really strapped for time. My advice is to maybe go for a new colour altogether when painting something like your garden fence. This makes it more noticeable and can bring out the best in your garden.

After doing all of this, you will be looking at a brand new garden. Well, it’ll still be the same one that sat outside in winter, but it will feel new and fresh once more. I highly suggest you take before and after pictures as well, purely because it will amaze you how different the same garden can look. Now, you’ll have a lovely outdoor space to complement your gorgeous home – just in time for the upcoming spring and summer months too!

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post. See my disclosure page for more information.

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