5 ways to make bath time fun for toddlers

5 ways to make bath time fun for toddlers

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My kids love bath time and for us, bath time is a nice part of our bedtime routine. It hasn’t always been this way. Every now and then, both girls have gone through phases of not enjoying the bath. Below are some tips for making bath time fun again.

1 – Tile Stickers

Is your little one keen on Dory or Nemo? You can get inexpensive tile stickers that feature some of the fish and sea creatures from their favourite cartoon, and they will be entertained while having a bath. Tile stickers only cost a few pounds and can improve the appearance of your home. Choose them carefully, and match the colour scheme, and you will see that your child will have a new attitude towards having a bath soon.

2. Colourful Lights

If you would like to stimulate the senses of your toddler while having a bath, you might get some reflector lights that you can turn on. Make the water change colour, and entertain them while they are having a bath. Battery operated colour reflector lights are safe to use in the bathroom, and you can make every experience unique. If you feel creative, cut shapes out and create different patterns on the wall tiles every night, so your child gets a new experience each time.

3. Music

Music can help toddlers relax and enjoy themselves in the bath. To help them overcome the fear of having a bath in the big tub, you might want to create a bath time playlist that you play through a wireless speaker from your phone. Sing along baths are great to connect with your toddler.

4. Bath Toys

We love bath toys and they are an essential part of bath time in our house. We have a variety of types such as squirters, a fishing net and some plastic fish to catch, foam letters and a pirate ship fixed to the side of the bath. I tend to just pick them up cheaply and they make great stocking fillers. I don’t like to spend a lot on bath toys as I find they go mouldy.

5. Speed

If all else fails, make it fast and know that this is more than likely just a phase and they will enjoy bath time again soon enough.

So there are my top tips for making bathtime fun for toddlers. Have I missed any?

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