Essential features of a playroom

Essential features of a playroom

This is a collaborative post.

We don’t have room for a playroom in our house but there’s not a week that goes by that I don’t wish we did have room. It would be lovely in an evening, once the girls are in bed if we didn’t have to tidy all their toys away or sit surrounded by lots of toys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure if we did we would still have some toys not in there but a lot less than we currently do. It would be lovely to have a space dedicated to them. Somewhere to store all their toys, books and arts and craft materials.

1. Storage

Somewhere to store all their toys would be essential. A mixture of open storage where they can see the toys and closed storage to hide some from view would be great. I love Ikea Kallax units for toy storage.

2. a television

We currently have just one tv in our home. As the girls get older I can see this being a problem. Both girls are in bed by 7:30pm but as they stay up later I can see us wanting to watch different things. Having a second tv in their playroom would help. I’m sure as they get older they are also going to watch different things as there is a 3 year age gap. You do however need to think a little about safety here, and that can be achieved primarily by finding TV stands for sale and putting the TV on one of them. That will keep it out of their reach, meaning that they won’t be able to harm themselves. You don’t want to put the TV on the whole time, but having it there as an option.

3. A space to create

If you are keen on encouraging your children to be creative, then one of the best ways to do so is to build in an arts and crafts area into your home. This is a fantastic feature for any child. A place where they are free to create whenever they like. We have made an effort to do this as past we can in our home. We have a chalkboard door in our kitchen and we display the children’s artwork in the kitchen too. We do most of our creative activities at the kitchen table. It would be lovely to have a space when F can create whenever she likes and where we don’t have to move half complete projects so that we can eat our meals. 

4. A display area

Somewhere to display their artwork is essential. I’d still display some in my kitchen too. Children love to see how proud you are of their creations and it really encourages and builds their confidence to see you proudly displaying their work.

5. Easy to clean flooring

A floor that is easy to clean is an essential for me. Carpet may be soft and cosy but especially if there is an arts and crafts area, easy to clean is essential. Something like a laminate floor is ideal.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post. For more details see my disclosure page.

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