A look back at 2016

A look back at 2016

2016 was the year our family became complete. We always wanted two children and this year we were lucky enough to have the tiny ladybird join our family. In many ways, she is so similar to her big sister but in others, she is completely different. We have spent the last 6 months getting to know her and adapting to life as a family of 4.

I thought on the last day of 2016 it would be nice to do a quick look back at what we have achieved in 2016.


I started the year 4 months pregnant. We had a very cold trip to Crosby beach where we went to see Antony Gormley’s Another space. Something I had wanted to do for a long time. I think we would have enjoyed it more on a slightly warmer day but we like to get out and explore when we can.


This was a fairly quiet month for us. Looking back at my little loves post from that month reminds me we were planning our bathroom renovations and mostly staying home. This reminds me I have still not blogged our new bathrooms.


In March we had a weekend in York, celebrating my mum’s 60th birthday. We took the ladybird to The National railway museum which is a great day out for children.


IMG_4953We visited one of my favourite places, Yorkshire sculpture park. I finished work for over 12 months and the ladybird turned 3.


We started May with our first long weekend in Anglesey. We spent the rest of May getting the nursery ready for our baby.


The tiny ladybird made her appearance this month.


This was a quiet month, adapting to life with two young children.


We took our first holiday as a family of four. We had a lovely week in Anglesey.


I didn’t blog at all in September but looking at Instagram we did manage a trip to Risley moss near Warrington for a walk.

October 20161015_115157

We had a few days out including finding Coombes valley play trail. We also had a week in the Lake District and area of the country that we love.


November 2016-11-12_04-26-25

We went to forest school and continued to enjoy autumn crafts.

December wp-image-427865178jpg.jpg

We enjoyed our elf Buddy visiting, as well as a book advent calendar. We also watched our eldest daughter in her first nativity, as well as enjoying some festive days out. Finally, we enjoyed a family Christmas with lots of presents and roast dinners.

As well as the thing mentioned above, even the quietest months have been filled with family time, creativity, children’s book, cooking, and baking.

Sometimes I think about stopping blogging but putting together this post has reminded me why this small piece of the Internet is important to me. I may not be the best writer or photographer. I don’t share photos of my gorgeous girls and consequently, don’t have many readers. However thanks to this blog I take more photos than I otherwise would and take the time to remember the little things we love.

I love blogs and Instagram for inspiration and community and I’m not ready to give that up. I had got back into a routine of posting 2-3 times weekly and I hope to maintain that in 2017.

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