What matters to me?

Happy New Year. I’m sure you are all sick of reading about new years resolutions by now but I wanted to write this post to remind myself what is important to me.

I’m not one for making new years resolutions. Who wants to start a diet in January when it’s cold and the house is full of yummy Christmas treats and leftovers? Go for a run when it’s minus one outside? No thank you. I do need to start looking after myself a bit better in 2017 and shift some of my leftover baby weight but until my little one starts sleeping better I’m not going to put extra pressure on myself.

I do find that the new year makes me reflect on the past year and what we’ve enjoyed. Putting together my 2016 year in review, made me think about the things that matter to me. In 2017 I want to focus on the things that matter to my family and hopefully I’ll blog about them too. These are:

Family time – Family is what matters most to me. It’s why I prioritise working part time over expensive holidays and belongings (and career progression, but that’s a whole other post). It’s why I blog and take photos so I can remember all the memories we are making. It’s spending time as a family, whether that be going out for a walk or to the park or staying home playing games, watching a film or simply playing. It’s spending time with my husband whether that’s going out on a very rare date night or watching a film after the girls have gone to bed.

Creativity – It’s funny really, my jobĀ is about as uncreative as you can get and I’m not naturally talented in traditional creative activities (I can’t draw). Yet I love spending time doing creative activities. I enjoy watching my eldest create art, play with play dough and do sensory play-based activities that I set up. I believe in allowing children lots of opportunities to create and particularly process art. When I get time I enjoy sewing, crochet, and photography. I have done very little sewing and crochet since the littlest ladybird arrived but that is something I want to improve on this year.

Exploring and spending time outdoors – We enjoy family walks, days out, family festivals and holidays (UK based). We are considering getting back to camping this summer but have not decided yet whether our littlest will be too young. We didn’t take our eldest until she was 2 and that summer (2015) we had two long weekends. She loved it and still talks about it now. One of those camping trips was Just so festival and I’d love to go back this year, even for just a day. I’ll have to start saving and convincing the husband! I’d also like to improve our garden this year. Perhaps even grow some fruit and vegetables with my eldest.

Cooking and baking – I love baking and cooking from scratch. Trying new recipes and cooking family favourites. We eat reasonably healthy already I think, with the occasional treat. Feeding my family good quality, nutritious and delicious food is something I strongly believe in. Now that my youngest is weaning it feels more important than ever. I struggle with finding the balance I am happy with, between trying new recipes and making meals my eldest will eat (or that I think she will eat). I used to bake all our bread before I had my daughters. I’d love to bake bread occasionally and I think my eldest would enjoy helping. She’s really starting to enjoy helping out and I’d like to encourage this in the kitchen this year.

Reading – I read two novels last year. I used to read more than that a month. I love books but do not prioritise reading enough. I’d like to read more this year. I seem to have transferred my love of reading to Children’s books and will continue to do so in 2017. In September, my eldest will start school and start learning to read and write. I’m thinking of blogging more about Children’s books as it’s a topic I love and our book advent calendar went down well on Instagram.

In order to be able to do more of what matters, I need to be more organised with my home and time. I will be going back to work in June but I still want to enjoy the summer. I work three days which is as good a work-life balance as you can get but it’s still a juggling act.

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