Are you brand loyal?

Are you brand loyal?

This is a collaborative post

To homeowners, brand loyalty sounds like another way to say you’re being duped. After all, there are thousands of shops with different sales and promotions. Surely they have a better deal? As a parent and a property owner, money feels as if it is the most important thing in your life. When there isn’t enough to go around, it’s impossible not to feel the pinch. However, brand loyalty offers more than a cutdown price to those who are willing to stay faithful. Okay, so you are still sceptical, but you won’t be if you continue reading.

Here are the four pros to keep in mind regarding brand loyalty.

Devoted Discounts

‘To X, we would like to offer you a ten percent discount for being a valuable member of the team.’ So it might not sound exactly like that, but emails and letters to this effect do exist. In fact, companies use them on a regular basis to keep their customers from bouncing elsewhere. Among the offers are price slashes, two for one deals, and even freebies. So, as a loyal customer, you receive the same deals as the newbies that they try to entice on a daily basis. In reality, you will get more because they will leave and won’t be eligible for a discount.

Promotion Points

Do you use a Tesco store card to buy your shopping? What about an ASDA one to pay for the petrol? These are two different brands and companies providing a very similar service. Both have fuel pumps, both sell food and household essentials, and the prices are about the same. So, it makes no sense to split the promotion points across two cards and not exploit the system. Yes, you will have more options but it will cost you double. Consolidating one supermarket rewards card will be cheaper.

Reputation Risks

When you use a new supplier, you can’t be sure of their reputation. In short, it’s a bit of a gamble in a bid to secure a better deal. Regarding most things around the house, there are very few hazards. However, your home is a pretty dangerous place in theory. Using a brand that you trust when you renovate, for example, reduces the chances of an accident. Https:// is a fantastic help if you are looking for reputable and trustworthy brands. Anyone that believes in Scot Light can have faith in the rest by proxy.

Extra Effort

New customers are like cannon fodder. Businesses get them on board and then forget about them within minutes. Loyal customers are not special, but they do get a special sort of treatment. Companies can’t afford to let consumers with years of loyalty leave to a competitor. As a result, most firms will go the extra mile to help solve a problem or an issue. It’s no guarantee they won’t tell you to bog off, but the odds are high that they will help. After all, points out that customer service is the key to loyalty.

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