Back to school tips

Back to school tips

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I know for some of us it feels like the summer holidays are only just starting but in some areas, the holidays are almost over already. Even if you are only just starting your school holidays, it’s still a good idea to think about the kids going back to school sooner rather than later as there will be more choice of uniform and stationery supplies in the shops. I’ve rounded up some tips from some fellow bloggers that will help you feel more prepared for the new school year.

Back to school tips

Label every item of clothing! Buy fluorescent drawstring bags for PE kit so they’re easy to find on pegs. Stock up on stationery. Buy a new school bag and don’t leave it too late with the uniform. Our altered life

Make an appointment to get the kids shoe fittings early to save the queues if you’re used to Clarkes. Have kids will travel UK

We will try all the school uniform on to check everything fits – clothes, shoes, PE kits, forest school kits, the lot! Then we can buy anything we need to. We’ll aim to do this a couple of weeks before the end of the holidays to avoid the mad last weekend rush! Bedtimes will return to normal in the last week or so to start getting them back into a routine. Throughout the holidays we will do reading and writing every day to keep practising. Healthy Vix

Start earlier than you think you should! I write a list and work my way through it from the start of August so I know I won’t be doing that mad dash around the shops in the first few days of September. Living with a Jude

Encourage them to write during the summer holidays. I remember going back to school and finding writing again felt really odd! Mummy & moose

When buying school uniform I always buy a couple of polo tops and a pair of trousers one size bigger, you can guarantee by next April they will have shot up and most of the supermarkets don’t stock school uniform past Christmas!! Big family budgeting

Talk through with them all you have done over the summer and who with etc so it’s fresh in their mind when they are asked. It’s easy otherwise to forget! Just average Jen

Buy them a new school bag so they have something to look forward to using. Going back to school after a long break can be tough. Also, plan a play date or two with School friends. Popitha

Go through the schools’ website and write down all the key dates. Do a walk past the school with the kids to familiarise them if they’re nervous about going back. Thimble and Twig

If it’s a new school/starting in Reception you need to make sure your child fully understands the change that’s going to happen in September. So discussing the school, talking about the teachers, trying them on different foods ready for school dinners, reading with them more, practising writing their name and doing the walk to school a few times will all help with the process. Emma Reed


Is your child starting reception this September?

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I hope you have found these tips useful.

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Back to school tips

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