Caring for your lion book review

Caring for your lion book review

What happens when the pet store run out of kittens? They send you a lion instead, after all, there’s not much difference. Or is there? The boy in this book is about to find out but luckily his lion comes with a 14 step guide on caring for your lion.

This book is written as a step by step humorous guide to looking after a lion. It included useful tips on what to do if you find yourself in your lion’s stomach. Tickle his nose with the feather included with the guide, just in case you were wondering. Other tips include what to feed it (10 pizzas, toppings include sausage, gazelle, zebra and bunny), how to potty train, play and clean your lion.

Caring for your lion

Each step includes a black and white illustration further explaining the step, whilst the main full-colour illustration often shows the humorous real life consequences. One such example is step 12, prepare a cosy bed. The black and white illustration is a lion being tucked in under a blanket. While the full-colour illustration shows a lion jumping up and down on the bed which breaks under its weight.

Caring for your lion

My eldest absolutely loves this book. She is at an age where she finds all the antics the lion gets up to hilarious. I can’t recommend this enough if you have children that love animals and are at an age where they can appreciate the humour in this book.

Caring for your lion, Tammi Sauer, Troy Cummings. ISBN -978-1-4549-1609-3. RRP £12.99

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Caring for your lion

Disclosure – We were sent this book in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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