Orienteering, forest crafts and board books #littleloves

Orienteering, forest crafts and board books #littleloves

This week has not been the best. Both myself and E are full of cold. She’s also got a nasty cough and was sick in the night on Wednesday. She was not herself yesterday and wasn’t really eating or sleeping. I was grateful that I don’t work Thursday or Fridays so I could look after her. She’s been ill literally every other week for 10 weeks and on top of the poor sleep at the best of times, I’m feeling run down and tired this week. Work hasn’t been great either if I’m honest. Mainly I think because I was not feeling well and the whole before and after rush of getting the kids ready/fed/to or from the nursery is manic, to say the least. Tuesday morning I could not find my keys or ID badge. I eventually discovered I’d left my ID badge at work in my locker door and the car keys were locked in the car! I ended up having to walk the kids to the nursery which meant I was late to work and poor F started the day tired. The rest of the day was not great either but thankfully I have very supportive colleagues, on the whole, most of whom also have children and they were able to share tales of locking themselves out of the house or kids in the car etc. They were also able to reassure me that we’ll find our rhythm again and the whole routine will be easier in a few months.

Here are the littles things I’ve found to love in between. I’ve had to miss a few this week as I’ve not done much more than feeling ill, work and look after a poorly baby since Sunday.


Last Friday I joined in a Twitter chat about children’s books. Any regular readers will know how passionate I am about children’s books. Last week’s theme was our top 5 baby board books. Such a perfect theme for me as these are the books I am currently enjoying reading with E. This week’s theme is books with female heroes. I’m going to have to have a good think about this one and search our shelves as I’m not sure I can think of 5 which is a shame. The Twitter chat is #top5friday and is at 8 pm hosted by @happybookclub if you want to join in too.


Sorry, nothing to share here.


We had another lovely morning at forest school last Friday. This week was all about spiders and F made a spider’s web and spider puppet. E was keen to get involved too. She spilt a tub full of sparkly bits all over the tarporleen! F also had a go at toasting marshmallows on the fire.

I finally ordered a tuff spot for messy play which arrived on Friday. I set up a painting activity on Friday which resulted in the girls getting very messy and then on Sunday I set up a simple small world play for F. It’s not great but it was all I could come up with at short noticed and she loved it which is what matters after all.


Raincoats! The weather is awful here this week. We have had rain most of the week. We did stay dry whilst we went to a family orienteering session at the local park on Saturday afternoon. The girls wore their raincoats just in case though. E’s is a little too big for her but it was Fs and I love it so she is wearing it as I’m guessing by the time it fits her better it will be autumn. Orienteering was a lovely way to get F enjoying walking around the park. We even saw bits of the park we’d not seen before (because they aren’t by the play area or duck pond).


I can’t think of anything exciting to write here. I really wanted to watch some of Glastonbury but between me and E being ill it just didn’t happen.

And lastly …

I’m sorry this post started with a lot of me moaning and also there a fewer little loves this week but I haven’t missed a week this year so I wanted to try and find some positives. Hopefully, next week will be a better week!

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  1. July 2, 2017 / 4:54 pm

    What a week! Hope your all feeling better! Sounds like its been chaotic and hopefully you have had a chance to relax this weekend!? I love the fact you do loads of messy play. I was never one to get the paints out! I wish sometimes I had been more with it when it comes to activities like that! Yours always look so much fun! Have a lovely week and hopefully its better than last weeks xx

  2. July 2, 2017 / 6:10 pm

    It sounds like you’ve had quite the week, with some lovely little things to look on at least! The orienteering and forest school activities sound like a lot of fun. I hope this week proves to be a better one!

  3. July 5, 2017 / 9:45 am

    Loving those Forest School crafts!
    I hope you’re all feeling better this week and things are running smoother for you xx

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