Creating a handmade nursery

Creating a handmade nursery

This is a collaborative post

If you’re expecting a baby soon, you might be looking forward to creating a cosy and playful nursery. You don’t need to be a professional painter or sewer to create something beautiful. As long as you don’t pick projects that are far too complex or too time-consuming, you will be surprised by what you can achieve. I handmade a lot of bits for my eldest’s nursery and shared them with you here – Our baby’s nursery

Recycle furniture

Having children causes a serious dent in your household budget, so it’s important to keep an eye for bargains, used furniture and discount offers. For instance, when it comes to baby furniture, you’ll be pleased to know that most families don’t use their nursery room equipment past the first 24 months. As a result, if you’ve got friends or relatives with young children, it’s worth asking about the furniture. Otherwise, you can find reduced or used nursery gear on eBay. For local sellers, you can pick it up, but for distant ones, you should suggest using Shiply so that you can get the item delivered at the best price. If you’ve decided to buy second-hand furniture, you can add a personal touch by painting it. A lot of people love chalk paint, as it’s easy to use and it dries quickly.

Crafting for baby

If you prefer to make little things for your baby, you could try knitting a little granny blanket to put in the cot. In fact, even if you’re new to knitting, you’ll be surprised by how easy these are to make. You’ll be done in no time! You could also try quilting. Patchwork Posse has a few beginner patterns to get you quilting rapidly. You can even personalise your quilt for a girl or a boy, or keep it neutral if you prefer.

For my eldest, I made a crochet blanket, sewed some cushions, a mobile and some wall decorations. It really gave her room a personalised feel.

Nursery decor ideas

Finally, the nursery decor is the part that most parents love. You can create a soft and neutral room for your baby and let it evolve as you discover its personality. Or you can go more colourful (my preference). I love bright colours but I’ve made a point of keeping the walls and floor neutral and adding colour to the accessories so they can be easily changed and updated as your baby grows. With both our pregnancies we decided not to find out the gender of the baby so it was important to us to keep it gender neutral. For my eldest, we had a hot air balloon theme which was mostly handmade bits. My youngest’s room is circus-themed and mostly bits we have purchased for her. I had grand plans for making some bits for her but between working, looking after a toddler and morning sickness that lasted well into the second trimester, it just didn’t happen.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post. For more details see my disclosure page.


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