E at 8 months 

E at 8 months 

E turned 8 months last week and is really developing fast so I thought it was time for another update (bad blogger, I haven’t done a full update since her 2-month update).img_7558


She was weighed just before she turned 8 months and she is still just below the 25th percentile on the growth charts. She’s now 15lbs 8oz. She’s growing out of a lot of her 3-6 month clothing but a lot of the 6-9 months are still really big on her.


I wrote about how weaning is going, a couple of weeks back. She’s doing really well and will try most things. She mostly has finger food but she will let us spoon feed her porridge and yogurt as long as we don’t mind her “helping”. She particularly loves toast, bread sticks, kiwi fruit, cheese and yogurt.

I wouldn’t say she has cut down her milk feeds yet. She is still breastfeeding on demand but she will take a bottle of expressed milk if I’m not around (something my eldest rarely did). Just like with food, she has to hold the bottle herself. Little miss independent.


She’s had a cough or cold about once a month since November. Thankfully nothing more serious and some of them haven’t bothered her much. Other than conjunctivitis she’s not had anything else.


She’s got two bottom teeth which arrived within a week of each other. One of her top ones is on its way too.img_7616


E started waving on Christmas day although is still only really raising her arm to you and occasionally moving it a little. From very early on she was a real thumb sucker, permanently attached to it. Around 6 months we noticed she’d just completely stopped. She can sit up unaided although still topples over regularly.

She first rolled around 4 months old. First, it was back to front and not long after she rolled front to back. She didn’t roll from front to back often but she flips from back to front almost as soon as you lay her down (nappy changes are difficult). She would then soon get fed up of being stuck on her tummy. For the last few weeks, she’s been much more content on her tummy and is desperately trying to crawl. She now keeps rolling over both ways and uses it as a means to get where she wants to.

She’s babbling lots but no words yet. It does sound like see is saying mama and dada but I think they just sounds so far. She giggles lots.img_7626


She’s not really a fan of sleep. Bedtime is around 7 pm although her feed could last up until 8:30 pm some nights. She generally wakes for the day around 6:30 am. In between, she wakes just twice on a good night (rare) or more usually every couple of hours. Some nights she will do a 4-5 hour first stretch and then spend the rest of the night waking every hour or two. Naps are no better. She has up to 4 naps some days, each lasting about 30 minutes. This past week or two she has done a few one hour plus naps (and then only had a morning and afternoon nap) which are better. We’ve not done any sleep training or anything with her but I  keep hoping her sleep will improve soon.img_7685

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  1. February 13, 2017 / 2:19 pm

    My last littles are turning three in May and it makes me so sad that this tiny phase is gone already- and I have had four!


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