Newborn bath time essentials

Newborn bath time essentials

I thought I’d share with you today my newborn bath time essentials. I’d like to start by saying that everyone’s idea of bath time essentials are different and there is no right or wrong way. These are simply the thing we used and enjoyed with our babies.Childs farm baby wash

1. Angelcare bath supportangelcare baby bath support

With my eldest, we used a simple baby bath. I still remember her first bath and how awkward it was. To start with it took two pairs of hands. We followed the advice from our midwife to top and tail her, wrapped in a towel, on her changing mat. Then still wrapped in a towel, one of us held her over the bath while the other one washed her hair. Then finally one of us held her in the bath where we gave her a quick wash. I don’t remember how long we bathed her together for but when I heard about the Angelcare bath support I knew it would make life easier second time round. I’m very pleased with this purchase, I felt confident to bath a tiny, wriggling newborn on my own. After topping and tailing her, I simply placed her on this support in the bath and then I had my hands free to wash her. I stopped using the support at around 5 months old. She loves lying in the bath and kicking away now she is older.

2. Childs farm new baby bath productschilds farm baby bathtime gift set

I’ve always been keen to use products for my children that are free from sodium lauryl sulphate  (SLS), parabens and the like, as babies skins are so much more absorbent than our adult skin. With my eldest I’ve used a few different brands like halos and horns (I don’t think this available anymore), childs farm and earth friendly baby. I’ve loved them all.

I wanted to stick to the no bath products until 6 weeks advice again but the tiny ladybird has so much hair and it always looked greasy. Around 4 weeks I started using Childs Farm baby hair and body wash which made a real difference. I felt comfortable using it as it is fragrance free and paediatrician/dermatologist approved since it has undergone clinical trials. Now that she is older I prefer scented bath and body washes but I still love childs farm. From their baby range, we still use the orange tangerine scented baby bubble bath.

3. Hooded bath towels

I love wrapping babies up in hooded towels after bath time. Not only does it keep them warmer but they look so adorable too.

Disclosure – I am a childs farm ambassador. They sent me a new baby gift set including the baby wash and bubbles mentioned above. I have since purchased more Childs farm products because I love them so much.  All opinions, however, are my own and I was not asked to blog about it.  All other products mentioned were ever gifted by family and friends or purchased by myself.

If you want to read more about some of the research about why SLS is not recommended for babies then this article from the National Eczema Society is a good start (it’s about aqueous cream and the information on SLS and the skin barrier is part way through the article).

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  1. Not A Frumpy Mum
    January 16, 2017 / 11:46 am

    We’ve got the same bath seat, I love it but G is almost too big for it so considering buying the Angelcare bath seat. Stop growing so fast little man! xx

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