The simple things, sunshine and in the club #littleloves

The simple things, sunshine and in the club #littleloves

We’ve had lovely weather some days this week so I’ve spent plenty of time in the garden. We’ve made some real progress on the areas of our home I would like sorted before baby arrives, as well as attempted potty training the ladybird (not going well at all).


I picked up a copy of the simple things magazine whilst dong the food shop on Monday morning. The sun was out and the ladybird was at nursery for the day so I had a lovely hour in the garden reading it. It’s the first time I have picked this magazine up and it was a lovely relaxing read. For a second I considered subscribing and then I tried reading it whilst the ladybird was around. This resulted in the magazine being closed for me, whilst she said “no reading mummy”. A gentle reminder to find time to relax on my two days a week when she is at nursery before the baby arrives!


Even though I missed the first series of in the club, I found a 5 minute catch up on the iplayer and decided to watch the first episode of this second series. I loved it and can’t wait to find time to watch this weeks episode when the ladybird is at nursery next week.


I don’t have a lot of clothes suitable for the hot weather but I do have a few nice bits that are maternity/nursing that I hope will see me through the summer. I bought a lovely maxi dress from the essential one which I have worn a couple of times this week.

I’ve bought the ladybird a few summer pieces. I love this watermelon dress from next. Oh and the cute hat which was bought in accessorize last year.



A few weeks back when I was struggling to find something to wear for a family event I tried the dress I mentioned above on. I felt the stripes made me look like a beached whale (I’ve got used to it now). The ladybird was around and obviously heard me say this. When I put the dress on this week she pointed to my bump and announced it was a whale! A reminder that we need to watch what we say around her.


We’ve made real progress with the nursery this week. The curtains are up and some shelves and a wardrobe frame is fixed to the wall. This weekend we plan to add all the drawers, doors and rail to the wardrobe and build the cot. I plan to use Monday and Tuesday to put the wall stickers up and put all the baby clothes and bits a way (and pack my hospital bag). I’ve also ordered all the last bits that I think we need before the baby arrives. Fingers crossed by this time next week we are all sorted.

I also made a lovely lamb and aubergine dish last night. I made enough of the lamb and aubergine sauce for another 2 meals so these are now in the freezer. I need to have a bit of a clear out and also take stock of exactly what is in the freezer. Ideally Id like enough quick meals for a good few weeks in there. I plan to mainly use these when my husband is at work and I’m still recovering from the birth/adapting to life as a mum of two.

And lastly….

I have lots of ideas for blog posts so I am hope that in the next week or so there will be more than one blog post a week!

Let’s hope this weather lasts in to the weekend. I hope whatever you are doing you have a great one.



  1. Mummy Hearts You
    May 14, 2016 / 7:30 pm

    Love the watermelon dress! So very cute. I have a huge list of potential posts but just haven’t got round to typing them up! In the club is good isn’t it? Loved the first season! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. May 15, 2016 / 1:08 pm

    Ohhh baby stuff! I haven’t finished the nursery yet and Q is 9 weeks old! Mummy fail! Freezing meals for those first few weeks is a great idea – we still have some left which I need to eat as I’m running out of space in there! x

  3. May 15, 2016 / 7:32 pm

    35 weeks – not long left how exciting! Ladybird is so cute in her dress and hat! Have a lovely week with fingers crossed a little bit of relaxation for you. Xxx

  4. May 19, 2016 / 8:23 pm

    I LOVE that watermelon dress! I wish it came in bigger sizes. xx

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