Tips For Creating A Fun Bedroom For Your Children

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Redecorating your children’s bedroom is a great excuse to have a bit of fun and make bolder decisions to capture their youthful personalities. Creating the perfect space for your children to call their own will undoubtedly involve an element of fun as a child’s day is one long pursuit for fun and enjoyment, so why would their bedroom be any different? Here are some great tips for adding that element of fun to their bedroom. 

A cool bed

The focal point of any bedroom is always the bed. You plan how to arrange your bedroom around the bed and you spend the majority of your time in that room in the bed. It stands to reason that getting the bed right is a big deal and this is no exception in a child’s room. A traditional single bed is boring and the best way to add that element of fun to a child’s room is to add a cool bed. It could be a bed that comes complete with a small slide, or you could hang a pretty canopy over it or an adventure tent that sits over the pillows. Or you could go big and create or build a bold bed frame that your child would love. One that replicates pirate ships, cars or princess castles. There are some great imaginative examples on Pinterest to explore. 

Make it colourful

Neutrals are always a great decor choice but you have the rest of your house to go plain. If there is any room where splashes of colour will work best it is the children’s bedroom. Decorating a children’s bedroom is a great excuse to use multiple colours or garish designs. For example painting triangles, squares or dots on their walls is a novel way to mix up colour schemes and add fun and vibrance to the room. If you’re a bit unsure about committing to painting then consider using unique wall stickers to add the element of fun and creativity to the walls. 

Develop a theme

A really simple way of personalising a child’s bedroom is to develop a theme and stick with it throughout the design and decorative process. Perhaps your child is football crazy then adding football-inspired items, beddings, lighting, colour schemes is an easy and effective way to make their bedroom a space they want to be in 

Add a creative corner

Bedrooms of today are about more than just going to sleep. As children age, a bedroom becomes their space to spend their time and to hang out and play with their friends. Why not dedicate an area of the room to this. It could be by adding colourful bean bags for socialising or reading. A small table or desk set where they can sit and draw, play with their lego or whatever their interests are. Or perhaps they are keen gamers, creating a space that is set aside for this will help differentiate the bed from gaming, which will not only add a further dimension to their bedroom but also help improve their sleep health and habits too.

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