What the ladybirds reading – February

What the ladybirds reading – February

IMG_4594I love children’s books and reading them to my toddler so I thought I would start sharing my favorites with you. We regularly visit the library to select new books as well as having quiet a collection of our own. Below are our current favorites that we are reading a lot.

10 little dinosaurs, Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty

IMG_4624I was drawn to the brightly coloured illustrations on the cover and thought that the ladybird would enjoy it (as she seems to like dinosaurs at present) and once I read it I was not disappointed. It’s hard not to read the story in a sing songy voice which is part of the charm of this book. The book counts backwards from 10 as each little dinosaur meets it’s fate! Don’t worry though the book has a happy ending.

Who puts the animals to bed? Mij Kelly and Holly Clifton-brown

IMG_4616This is a beautifully illustrated short story perfect for bedtime. My little girl loves it and frequently requests it. As well as the beautiful illustrations, it is written in a lovely poetic way that just rolls off the tongue.IMG_4619

Hairy Maclary, Shoo, Lynley Dodd

IMG_4605We love the Hairy Maclary series but I think this one is our favorite. This is another book written in rhymes which I love to read. My favorite part is when my daughter gets all excited and joins in with this paragraph that is repeated a few times through the book. “STOP this shemozzle, this hullabaloo! Scarper, skedaddle, BE OFF WITH YOU – SHOO!”

Where do baby animals come from? Anna Milbourne and Serena Riglietti

IMG_4608I couldn’t resit bringing this book home from the library the other week. The ladybird loves penguins and this one is all about a penguin trying to find out where different types of babies come from (including human babies). I thought it would be good preparation ahead of her getting a baby brother or sister this summer. Nearer the time I will be reading more books about babies and being a big sister. If anyone has any good recommendations please let me know.

Usborn peep inside night time, Anna MilbourneIMG_4603

I love Usborn books and the ladybird received a couple for Christmas including this book about what happens at night time. Like most toddlers my daughter loves lift the flap books but these peep inside ones are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. The book features bakeries, nocturnal animals, trains and markets.

I’d love to hear all your recommendations for children’s books so please leave me a comment below with any books you think we’d like.

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  1. Becky, Cuddle Fairy
    March 1, 2016 / 1:43 pm

    Who put the animals to bed sounds so sweet. We have a similar book where you tuck all the baby animals into bed. It’s very soothing at bedtime. It’s lovely to get ideas for different books to read! Thanks so much for sharing with blogger club uk x

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