Wonderoos v3 new designs

Wonderoos v3 new designs


Last week I was invited to take part in the launch of new prints for the wonderoos v3 birth to potty pocket nappy. I’ve heard great things around the web about wonderoos v3 so I jumped at the chance. They have won several awards and are nominated this year in three categories of the loved by parents awards.

I’ve done plenty of research on reuseable nappies and I have come to the conclusion that pocket nappies will need to make up the bulk of our stash, due to them being quicker to dry. I would like some all in ones too, as my husband is reluctant to use cloth nappies so I know these will make it easier if I have any hope of him changing nappies. I first came across wonderoos v3 when Eventual mother named them as her 2nd favorite pocket nappy.

IMG_5834My parcel from Wonderoos arrived on Saturday morning. They very generously sent me two of the four new prints. I was very pleased with these two prints. How perfect is the bugs and ladybird design for us? and who doesn’t love a teddy bears picnic? I can’t wait to see the other two prints.

I unwrapped the nappies from their packaging and was so impressed with how soft the nappy is both inside and out. The outside is waterproof but feels incredibly soft. Inside the lining there is a  stay dry fleece layer that is so soft. The nappy fastens by poppers and there are plenty of options for getting the right fit on your baby.


To illustrate how the nappy grows with your baby you can see above that the bugs design is on the larger setting and the teddy bears tea party design is on the newborn setting.


IMG_5859Each nappy comes with 2 inserts that can be used separately or together. The first insert (the one on the right in the image above) is 3 layers of quick drying microfiber. This insert is apparently sufficient alone when the baby is small.IMG_5871

The second insert is 6 layers of bamboo which unfolds (the folds are held together by the white poppers seen in the photo) to speed up drying time. This insert is suitable on its own as baby grows and more absorbancy (than the microfibre insert) is needed.


Finally, the two inserts can be used together for night time. They popper together using the pink or blue popper depending if you are using the nappy for a boy or girl. This keeps the booster in the right place once inside the pocket.



IMG_5926I was impressed by the size of the nappy and the amount of flexibility in both size and absorbance as well as how slim fitting they are. It’s a birth to potty nappy, from 8 – 35lbs. The tiny ladybird was 7lb 12oz two weeks ago, so I assume she is over 8lbs now. I suspect it will be another month or so before she fits birth to potty nappies, though. After pre-washing them I decided to try it on her anyway. As you can see in the picture there is a lot of gapping around the legs so I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it on.

Drying wise, I found the main part dried overnight, the microfiber insert in 24 hours and the bamboo more like 1.5 days but these were on an airer due to our wet weather. I suspect the inserts will dry faster outdoors and they can be tumble dried on low.

Overall I love the design of these nappies and I’m happy with the washing/drying times. I will try them on the tiny ladybird in another week and once we’ve tried them out I will be back with a full review. In the mean time head to Wonderoos‘ website to find out more about these nappies and see the other 2 new designs.

Update – these nappies fitted my baby well from around 12 lbs. I have always needed to use both inserts together as she is a heavy wetter. These are one of my favorite nappies now for reliability. They rarely leak and I know with both inserts they will last me 3-4 hours (unless they are soiled earlier).

Disclosure – I was sent these two nappies free of charge in exchange for this review. All words, opinions and photos are my own.

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  1. July 14, 2016 / 1:17 pm

    We love Wonderoos and real Easy nappies! The new prints are lovely and for sure if they do them in Real easy, will have to buy some! Sized nappies are more convenient for my toddler stash 🙂
    And good review indeed!

  2. July 19, 2016 / 1:58 pm

    Really want to give these a go. Need to stop being a chicken. They are so lovely. Especially like the bugly print. #triedandtested

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