Creating a vegetable patch in a raised bed with kids

raised bed gardening with kids

Gardening with kids is one of my favourite outdoor activities for childdren. At the beginning of the summer, we were sent this gorgeous raised wooden garden bed from the garden site. It is a generous size of 6ft by 3ft raised bed perfect for getting started gardening with kids. Made from pressure treated timber it is perfect for growing vegetables.  I’d read a lot about growing vegetables and there is a lot of advice to use raised beds so I was keen to add one to our garden especially as we had no planting areas previously in our back garden.


Assembling the raised bed

The raised garden bed arrived flat packed and the biggest job was drilling holes for the screws as it does not come with pre-drilled holes. My husband assembled it fairly easily though and it was soon ready for us to get started planting. We filled it with a mix of compost and topsoil to create good conditions for growing vegetables. Since the wood is already treated, after assembly it’s ready to go straight away which is a real advantage with children. It’s very sturdy wood too and I can see it lasting us well for many years.


raised bed gardening with kids


Planting up the raised bed

We soon got started planting. I shared my tips for starting gardening with kids earlier in the year. Following my own advice, I took my 5 year old shopping to choose seeds and plants. She chose strawberry plants and green beans because she loves both. We already had some courgette and basil growing from one of the subscription boxes we reviewed earlier in the year. I also bought some radish and sunflower seeds too as they are easy to grow which is what we needed this year. The raised bed is the perfect height for my daughter to help me plant the seeds and plants.


raised bed gardening with kids


Caring for your plants

We’ve spent the last couple of months looking after our plants and have been rewarded with juicy strawberries that the girls have enjoyed picking and eating straight from the garden. We’ve also grown some beautiful sunflowers. We grew two different varieties, one of which was sunsation flare, mine don’t seem to have grown very big but they are cute little dwarf sunflowers. They are currently about 6 inches high despite me planting them over 2 months ago. We’ve watered them well but perhaps they haven’t coped well with the heatwave the UK has experienced this summer. Our green beans haven’t coped well either. They have grown well and covered out climbing support but no beans have grown at all. One thing that has done really well is our courgette plants. We’ve grown lots of courgettes and some of them were really quite big.


raised bed gardening with kids

raised bed gardening with kids


The raised garden bed is the perfect height for kids. They’ve loved helping me plant, water and harvest our crops. I’d really recommend a raised bed like this for getting started gardening with kids. It’s much easier to control the quality of the soil and make sure there are no stones/rocks to prevent root vegetables like carrots growing well. As well as being that little bit higher to make planting, caring for and harvesting plants easier. We’ve really enjoyed gardening this summer and I hope we can try growing different vegetables next year and hopefully have a little more success. One thing is for certain, our new raised bed is a great addition to our garden and one that I’m sure we’ll continue to enjoy year after year.

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Where to next?

How about planting a winter pansy planter?


raised bed gardening with kids


This is the raised bed we chose but as you can see there are lots of different raised beds to choose from. This Zest sleeper 6ft x 3ft low raised bed is currently on offer for £94.99.

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raised bed gardening with kids

Disclosure: We were sent the garden bed and sunflower seeds in exchange for this review. All photos, words and opinions are my own.



7 thoughts on “Creating a vegetable patch in a raised bed with kids

  1. Helen says:

    Oh I love it! I really want to get my children into gardening, but I lack the skills myself. I’ve bought a few books recently, with the hope that I can teach myself all about it and then pass on my ‘wisdom’ to my daughters 🙂

  2. Marie says:

    I really like this idea, I’ve definitely got more in to gardening since we moved in to our house.

  3. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons says:

    We have a similar sized raised bed and I love growing veg in it with my son. This year he chose beetroot and carrots, and we grew potatoes in bags as well as sunflowers in pots. All really easy to grow! Sadly we had a 2 week holiday during the heatwave and the beetroot and carrots haven’t really come back from that. We’ve grown them very successfully in past years though!

  4. Mudpie Fridays says:

    Love the idea of planting sunflowers with the vegetables. They are one of my favourite flowers. I also like the sound of the raised beds we tried to build our own but it didn’t work. So may try pre made ones next year x

  5. Sophie says:

    This is a lovely post!
    You should come and link up to my gardenlinky! It’s open for a couple more days this month!

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