December box

December box

This year I decided to put all the Christmas toys my daughter has acquired over the last 2 Christmas’ in to a December box. I wrapped it up in wrapping paper and let her open it last Sunday. She loved opening it up and rediscovering all her toys. At 2 and a half she thought all the toys were new and so far is loving them even more than last year.


IMG_4408Here is what was in the box:

A Christmas bear that recites the night before Christmas poem. She quickly learnt how to turn him on and off. She also had us almost in tears with laughter when she showed him a different book and looked thoroughly confused when he didn’t change what he was saying.


This Christmas happyland set. She play with this on her own but I hope to use it in some small world sensory play before the end of December.

IMG_4493A soft toy Father Christmas. He has been taken to bed every night since and always brings him down stairs ever morning.

A soft toy polar bear and robin.

A Christmas tree shape bag.

IMG_4504A robin that you wind up and it runs around. She particularly likes him to run through her legs when she makes a tunnel.

A couple of Christmas books (the rest are wrapped up as part of her advent calendar which I’ll share details of later in the week).

This count down to Christmas sign that now has pride of place in our kitchen.

IMG_4462A new pair of Christmas pj’s. I know some people wait and put these in a Christmas eve box but I like the idea of wearing them through December. I’ll just have to make sure I am organised enough to ensure they are clean and ready for Christmas eve.

IMG_4486Just for fun, a bit of tinsle and a couple of plastic baubles.

Do you do December/advent boxes? What did you put in yours?


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