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Do you love family walks? We certainly do but I know how important it is to have ideas for things to do on a walk with kids. An outdoor scavenger hunt is one of our favourites which is why we love Go find it scavenger hunt cards so much.

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What are go find it scavenger hunt cards?

Go find it cards * are a set of 33 cards that come in a handy small drawstring bag created by the sensory trust. The cards are great quality, wipe clean and really sturdy. They’re perfect for children’s hands.

We’ve had our set for a few years now and they are still in great condition. We always keep them in our explorer backpack so they’ve been used a lot over the past year. They’re also one of the best camping toys for kids.

Pack of go find it cards

On one side of each card is a different sensory characteristic that you can find in nature. On the other side is the go find it logo. The different sensory characteristics are a mixture of colours, sizes, textures, smells, sounds and more. I love that the cards help build young children’s language development, especially in terms of describing things.

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How to play Go find it

A set of * Go find it cards make an instant scavenger hunt game. The game can last as long as you like and is always so much fun.

There are a few rules like you can’t use a living animal. There are a few cards in the bag explaining the rules of the game.

One way to play is to deal 6 cards to each player and see who is first to return with all 6 items collected. Another way is to show everyone the top card and see who is first to return with a suitable item.

Go find it card Spiky in crass

How we use our Go find it cards

We keep ours in my children’s explorer backpack that we take out on family walks or my coat poscket. I love that as soon as they start to get restless or start complaining that they are bored, I can get this game out and they both get so excited. It keeps them entertained for ages too.

Not only does it keep them happy but it also gets them to pay attention to their surroundings. It helps connect them with nature and gets them thinking about how to describe things.

Yellow go find it card

We keep the rules simple. They each get a card and they have to find something that matches the description on the card and point it out to me (or collect it if it is a loose part). Then they each get a new card. We don’t tend to make it a competition currently but I’m sure we will when she’s a little older. Our only rule is that it must be something in nature. It’s also great for giving them ideas for things to collect on a nature walk.

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We love our set of Go find it cards (get * your set here) so much that I have just ordered the follow on pack * Go find it too so that we can get some new challenges. They’re perfect for taking camping with kids too.

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