Fun forest school activities to do at home

4 photos of nature crafts and activities with overlay text that reads forest school activities at home

We love forest school activities and crafts over here. This post is filled with fun forest school activities to do at home or in the forest with your family. They make great outdoor activities for children. These nature-based crafts and activities are great for connecting children with nature.

4 close up photos of children's hands ding nature crafts. Text reads forest school activities to try at home

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Below you’ll find great ideas for nature crafts and other forest school style activities that you might like to try.

I’ve taken my kids to loads of forest school playgroups and classes over the years but now more than ever we need ideas we can enjoy at home, in our garden or if we are lucky, on a woodland walk with our own family.


Fun forest school activities to do at home

Are you looking for ideas specifically for EYFS aged (toddler and preschool) ideas? Then you need this post – Forest school activities for 2 year olds.

If you want even more forest school activity ideas then try these fantastic outdoor activity books for kids.

More fun ways to get kids outdoors

If you want more ideas for forest school activities, then you’ll love my extract from the book Wild days, Richard Irvine – find it here – how to build a den with sticks. 

Find 100 ideas for things to do outside with kids here.

I’ve written a post with lots more great ideas for fun things to do on a walk with kids.

The woodland is a great place to visit in autumn. Find loads more ideas for Autumn activities for kids here.

Want to share ideas with like minded parents? Join Wildling Explores the free facebook group for parents who love to get their kids outdoors.

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4 photos of children enjoying forest school crafts. Text above photos reads forest school activities at home

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