Autumn activities for kids

4 different autumn children's activity photos and text that reads autumn activities for kids

This post is packed with ideas for autumn activities for kids. If you love seasonal activities for kids, then this is the post for you. I love doing seasonal activities with my children. It’s such a great way of teaching them about the seasons. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons for inspiring activities for kids. There are all the loose parts in nature to collect and use in play, the colours and celebrations like harvest and Halloween. Planning ahead? Find the best Winter activities for kids here.

4 different kids activities and text that reads autumn activities for kids

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Autumn outdoor activities

There are so many fantastic outdoor activities for children that can be done in autumn. There are fun things to do in the garden like using all those natural treasures you collect on your walks in the mud kitchen. Or perhaps your toddler will enjoy rolling conkers down a cardboard tube.

Find my favourite Autumn outdoor activities for kids here.

Why not make a pine cone bird feeder and start attracting some birds into your garden.

Autumn is a great time to play outdoor games for children. Have you tried all the one suggested in that post?

Autumn walk activities

We love autumn family walks. The woodland is my favourite place to be but all walks seem easier in autumn (and spring) when it’s not too hot and not too cold. Autumn also really seems to excite children. The falling leaves and acorns etc seem to really capture young children’s imaginations. I write a lot about things to do on a walk with kids and all the ideas in that post work well in autumn.

I have a free autumn scavenger hunt printable that you might want to print out and take on your next family walk. It’s great for toddlers, preschoolers and even older children. Get yours by filling out the box below.


Things to collect on autumn walk

I also find autumn walks easier with kids as they love collecting all those natural loose parts that are about in abundance in autumn. Here are some of the things you could collect on an autumn walk.

  • conkers (horse chestnuts, buckeyes)
  • acorns
  • fallen leaves
  • sticks
  • pine cones
  • sycamore seeds

Find more ideas for things to collect on a nature walk here. Read on for ideas for things to do with all the nature you collect.

Autumn nature activities

My kids collect sticks all year round! I never have enough ideas for Fun things to do with sticks so I wrote this post with 30 ideas.

How about trying some of these Fun forest school activities, they’re perfect for autumn.

There are so many crafts and art activities that you can do with

Autumn activities for toddlers

4 photos of toddler activitiea like play dough and art using autumn nature

I have a post that is filled with different autumn activities for toddlers. It includes autumn crafts for toddlers as well as autumn art for toddlers and other activities too.

If your toddler loves art then you need to see my 20+ Autumn art projects for toddlers

You may also like to try some of these Forest school activities for 2 year olds.

Autumn activities for preschoolers

There are so many autumn activities for preschool that I wrote a whole post on it. This post is filled with autumn crafts for preschool and even autumn numeracy activities for preschool

Autumn arts and crafts ideas

If you have older children then you’ll be pleased to know I’m working on putting together a blog post on autumn art for kids and one on autumn crafts for kids. These should be published before the end of September.

Autumn children’s books

There are so many great autumn-themed children’s books available today. You can find all my favourite autumn children’s books here.

If you have a baby or toddler, then you will love my round-up of the best autumn board books – Autumn books for toddlers.

Find loads of not so spooky Halloween books for kids here.

If you love reading seasonal books with your kids then find my favourite books about seasons for preschoolers here.

Perhaps you are thinking ahead to Christmas? Find my favourite Christmas books for kids here. One of my favourite Christmas traditions is to create a book advent calendar.

Perhaps you’re looking for books to inspire more outdoor play in which case you’ll love my Outdoor activity books for kids post.

4 pictures of autumn books for kids. 1 is a line of 3 books, 1 is a front cover photo and two are halloween books on white flour boards with halloween toys decorating them.

Autumn days out

Autumn is a great time for days out especially on those mild days. Woodlands are my favourite place to visit in the autumn. Find all my favourite UK family days out and holidays here.

Perhaps you enjoy visiting a pumpkin patch too? Find where to go pumpkin picking in the North West here. Cheshire particularly seems to have loads of pumpkin patches this year!

Perhaps Halloween is more your thing? If so find Halloween events in the North West here.

Autumn activities for kids, month by month

Autumn includes a few celebrations that inspire fun activities for children. That’s why I have a post for each month of the year so that you can be inspired not only by the autumn season but also by the holidays that we celebrate each year.

4 photos, child in wellies balancing on a log, halloween book, sensory pin full of leaves and conkers and one filled with rice and Haloween toys

September activities for kids

I always find as September rolls around and the leaves start to fall from the trees that children start to get really excited for autumn. There’s also harvest festivals, apples, blackberries to forage and so much more. Find all my favourite September activities for kids here.

October activities for kids

October is another busy month for things that inspire children’s activities. As well as continuing with autumn changes and themes, this month there’s also Halloween. It doesn’t have to be spooky either so can easily be adapted for young children too. Find all my favourite October activities for kids in this post.

You can find loads of ideas for Halloween activities for children here.

If you like to make your activities sensory, here are lots of Halloween sensory play ideas.

November activities for kids

In November we often start turning to more winter themes and of course Christmas for those that celebrate it. There is also bonfire night can inspire kid’s activities. I love bonfires, toffee apples and fireworks. Find my favourite ideas for November activities for kids here.

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