The best autumn activities for preschool

preschool girl in a mud kitchen with mud and mini apples

These are the things I consider to be the best autumn activities for preschool. Autumn is a great time for seasonal kids activities, there are so many Autumn activities for kids. Exploring the seasons with young children is not only really fun but educational too. It connects them with the world around them and the changing seasons.

Images of conkers and pine cones with play dough, mirrors and numbers. Overlay text reads simple and fun autumn activities for preschoolers

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Autumn preschool activities

There are so many ways to bring autumn into your preschool activities. You can teach preschoolers about autumn through the books you read together, outdoor play and walks, art and crafts, literacy and maths. Many of these autumn activities for toddlers are equally fun for preschoolers too.

The simplest way to get started is to go on a nature walk and collect nature that is specific to autumn. You could use my Free autumn scavenger hunt printable on your next autumn walk or simply collect loose parts.

Some ideas are:

  • Conkers
  • Acorns
  • Fallen leaves
  • Sycamore seeds
  • Pine needles
  • Pine cones
  • Pumpkins

Find more ideas for things to collect on a nature walk here.

You could even make an autumn treasures collection bag before you go which your child will love filling with nature.

Once you get back you can talk about all the autumn treasures you have collected. You could even set up an autumn treasure tray or nature table so you can keep learning about the things you have collected. You can also use all the things you have found in your art, sensory play and learning activities.

We often start by examining our treasures with microscopes, magnifying glasses or even just mirrors.

Resources for nature exploration that we love: Ad (affiliate links)

pine cones and conkers on a mirror tile with child's hands

You could even make your own cardboard nature display. Perfect for displaying all your autumn treasures.

Autumn art ideas for preschoolers

I have created these super cute 10 free autumn pictures to colour for children that you can download here.

Autumn natural loose parts are fantastic for using in art. There are so many textures to explore. Conkers and acorns also roll really well so they are great with paint.

What about painting with leaves? Many of these autumn process art for toddlers, will work for preschoolers too. Leaf printing is always fun or you could use apples cut in half. You could also try painting using corn on the cob rolled in paint and then rolled across the paper.

3 photos of different autumn kids art. Painting leaves and corn on the cob

Play dough is a favourite activity for many young children. Why not make some in autumn colours and provide some natural loose parts alongside. My kids have loved autumn play dough. Things like making textures in play dough with pine cones for example.

autumn themed play dough. Yellow play doh and conkers

Learning through play in autumn

As well as teaching children about the changes that are happening in autumn, we can also use all these amazing natural loose parts in learning through play activities.

They’re great resources for counting activities. This is a great post with a fantastic autumn preschool math activity and download your free set of autumn number cards.

multiple images of a kids actvity including giant tweezers, conkers, acorns, pine cones and numbers

You could use the same cards to make an outdoor number hunt for preschoolers. You could set one up in the house or classroom too if the weather is really bad.

Autumn provides so many ideas for sensory play. You could use conkers, acorns, leaves and pine cones with rice or pasta dyed red, yellow or orange. Find a simple Halloween sensory bin for inspiration here.

Find loads of ways to celebrate Halloween at home with these Halloween activities for children.

Autumn outdoor activities for preschoolers

It’s so important to get children outdoors when we can. There are so many fun outdoor activities for children all year round. Autumn is great for little outdoor adventures as the weather is usually fairly mild.

We love walking with kids. You don’t need to go far if you don’t want. Even a walk around the neighbourhood or local park is a real adventure for preschoolers in autumn. All those natural loose parts to stop and collect.

You can find all my best ideas for things to do on a walk with kids here.

We also love using nature in our mud kitchen.

Children playing with conkers in a mud kitchen

Autumn scavenger hunt printable

Preschoolers love visual scavenger hunts. I created this free autumn scavenger hunt printable which is perfect to print out and take on your next walk. Get yours below.

Autumn scavenger hunt on grass

Autumn books to share

There are so many gorgeous autumn children’s books available. You can’t beat reading seasonal books with kids. Below are a few of our favourites but find many more recommendations for autumn children’s books here.

You may also like to read Halloween books for kids.

Monthly seasonal kid’s activity guides

You can find specific ideas for things to do for each month in august below. As well as general autumn ideas, they also include ideas specific to each month like Halloween ideas for October.

Find more seasonal activities for kids here.

What are your favourite preschool activities to enjoy in autumn?

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