In my kitchen – Mummy vs work

In my kitchen – Mummy vs work

I hope you are having a good week. For this week’s instalment of in my kitchen, the guest post series where fellow bloggers share how they feed their families, I am joined by Paula from Mummy vs work. I hope you enjoy reading how she meal plans and look how yummy her baking looks.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

Hello! I’m Paula, my husband is Phill and we have 2 children, Kayleigh 9 & Ethan 7.

Who does most of the cooking in your house? Do you enjoy cooking?

I tend to be the main cook however my husband helps with the meal preparation and makes the lunches during the week. I do enjoy cooking though, just wish we had a slightly bigger kitchen so I can spread out a bit more!

Do you meal plan?

Yes, I meal plan weekly and blog about it here. I find it helps out with the weekly food budget too.

What are mealtimes like in your house? Do you eat together as a family?

It all depends on what is going on and what we are eating. We try and eat together but it is not always possible. I do however try to make sure we all sit down to a roast on a Sunday.

Do you cook the same meals frequently or are you always trying new recipes?

We are currently stuck in the rut of having the same meals weekly so are planning to mix this up a bit in the coming months by trying to have a new dish every few weeks. Also trying to rotate our favourite meals over a couple of weeks rather than just the same every week.

Do you have any tips for dealing with fussy eaters?

Patience…. I have one child that has just started to come out the other side of being fussy and one still in the full blown fussy stage. I have learnt now to pick my battles and just encourage them to try out new things.


Do you have a favourite cookbook?

Ooh, I have a couple at the minute, I really like the Eat Well for Less book from the TV series but also the Hairy Bikers have a couple of diet books out which have some delicious meals in.

Do you enjoy baking?

I love baking, especially with the kids. Our favourite recipes are our cookies (chocolate chip or Smarties) which are always a huge hit on the blog.

Cakes are always a popular choice too with simple ones like this Victoria Sponge recipe.

Do you have any tips for making feeding the family easier?

As well as meal planning, I always do my shopping online (makes it easier for me around work!). Don’t be afraid to bulk out meals, if you are making bolognaise or chilli, for example, it is great to freeze extra portions or have it for lunch leftovers the next day!

Do you get your kids involved in the kitchen?

They do occasionally but it tends to only be when they are looking to lick the spoon after making cakes!

Where can we find you?

I blog at and you can find me on twitter, facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!


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