New mum gift ideas that won’t disappoint

New mum gift ideas that won’t disappoint

This is a collaborative post.

Becoming a mum is one of the most exciting things that any of us can go through. The anticipation, the overwhelming emotion and realising how much you can accomplish on zero amount of sleep. It is certainly a rollercoaster ride of emotions but the experience of those early days and beyond in the journey of parenting is a memorable one. Traditionally, when a new baby comes along many people like to get some sort of gift. It might be for the baby or it may be for the mum, some are traditional and some are a little more imaginative. I thought I would share with you some of the ideas I have had for when I need to give a gift to a new mum or baby. Perhaps it will give you some inspiration for when you find yourself in this very situation.

New clothes or accessories for the baby

One of the most popular choices of gifts these days for a new mu is to buy the little one a brand new outfit. Many people scour the high street in search of beautiful dresses or cute little jeans and shirt combinations, and the joy of dressing your little one up while they are young never goes away. Some people like to think a little differently. Still sticking with the same theme of clothing or accessories buy buying specific items instead of clothes, like hats or accessories. Companies online like My Little Duckling have a great selection to choose from. This is when hunting online for small businesses on platforms like Instagram can really rile up some beauties in terms of vintage-inspired clothing, unusual prints and modern designs or just something a little outside of the norm. It could really put a smile on their faces.

Something traditional

If you are a traditionalist at heart then you may want to consider one of the popular and traditional gifts to give to a newborn baby and their mum. Perhaps a blanket, knitted or personalised with their names and initials. Maybe it is something silver, like a money box, beaker and cup or a silver baby cutlery set. You could also give a keepsake box, where the new mum can store things such as hospital bands, baby teeth perhaps, locks of curly hair or whatever they fancy. The silver spoon or the silver rattle can be a little more specific, but they certainly won’t be gifts that will ever be parted with. Sometimes it is nice to give something that you know will remain in the family for years to come.

A subscription service for mum

There is always so much attention on the new baby so why not think about the mum when it comes to a gift this time? A subscription service could be the ideal treat for any new mum and there is so much to choose from these days that you are quite spoilt for choice. You could consider a magazine subscription. Allowing their favourite monthly or weekly magazine to be delivered to their door. It is the ideal treat for naptime and a cup of tea. Maybe you could consider a subscription service on beauty products. Every month a box arrives and it is like getting a new present each time. They include different makeup products or skincare options to try which could be a way of indulging without leaving the home. Finally, you could consider subscriptions in terms of food. Perhaps having a box of ingredients delivered to the door that will take care of three or four meals that week. Maybe something alcohol related like a gin subscription or wine perhaps. You could even subscribe to chocolate boxes. There is so much choice out there that you are bound to find something that will suit the mum you are buying for.

Something you created yourself

Sometimes only a handmade gift will do, and if you find that you are very creative in this area then this could be the ideal gift option for you. One of the traditional handmade gifts would be to knit or crochet something. A blanket, a hat and mittens set, or even a jumper or cardigan. This is a great way to showcase your skills and provide a present tose shows time and effort. You could also consider creating a little hamper for the new mum. Decorate a box or get a gift bag and fill it with goodies. These could include things like bath bombs or bath soaks, face masks and skin care products, magazines or a new book, some wine, gin or a specialist tea. A new mug maybe or a nice glass, some chocolate and foodie treats. The options are endless and it could be seen as a real care package of pampering to help on a day that might be tough. You could even consider making up things like food hampers. Perhaps batch cooking some meals that could be easily frozen and brought out on days that have been hard. Maybe even just a hamper full of food to help create some staple meals so that your friend or relative doesn’t need to run to the shops.

Giving your time instead of something physical

Finally, the gift of time may not cost you too much, but it could be one of the best presents a new mum could receive. Your time could include anything. It might be going round and cooking some food for them so they can just relax. It could be given them time off where you stay at their home to take care of the baby and they indulge in a shower, a long soak in the bath or just to do simple tasks like washing their hair. It could be that you help clean their home, stock up the fridge or just giving your time to listen and lend an ear of support. Often it can be quite lonely during those first few months of motherhood, and so just being there to enjoy a cup of tea and chat can make the world of difference to their day.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration if you have a new mum to buy for.

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post. See my disclosure page for more information.

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