#mycolourfulkids favourites week 3

#mycolourfulkids favourites week 3

Another week of gorgeous, colourful photos from #mycolourfulkids on Instagram. We now have 185 photos tagged. Not bad for an idea that came to me 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I’m loving all the colourful, bright photos and it would seem that many of you are too. Thank you to everyone that has linked up so far and I hope you will continue to do so.

Each week I start off wondering if anyone will join in but by mid week I’m starting to wonder how I will pick just 9 favourites. After a lot of changes, here are my favourites from this week.

#mycolourfulkids week 3 favourites

Areusablelifelittleboo_21 * Allabouther_becca

mariabee.95 * Makedoandpush * Cariemay

Cecilia.leslie07 * Cathrinskey * Fiandtylerlee


If we’ve inspired you to join in you can find full details here (#myolourfulkids, an Instagram community) but put simply all you need to do is add the hashtag #mycolourfulkids to your photos that feature colour and are related to children. If you would like to follow me on Instagram, I’m ladybirdsadventures.


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