One week

One week


I know we say it all the time but seriously where has the last week gone? The littlest ladybird is one week old today. This time last week I was uncomfortable and having strong braxton hicks but little did I know that my baby would be born that very night.

One week on and she is doing brilliantly. She’s completed our little family and we are all completely in love with her. Yes she’s turned our world upside down, as all newborns do but we wouldn’t be without her. The benefit of being a second time mum is that you know that it will get easier.

Here is her first update. I hope to do weekly for the first month but then move to monthly.

Weight – at birth she was 3.02kg (6lb 6oz) and at day 5 she was 3.03kg (6lb 6oz) so a very small increase.

Clothing size – all the newborn clothes from my first daughter currently drown her. I find it quiet frustrating how sizes differ so much from shop to shop. All the ones my eldest wore at first were up to 10lb but yet they are all so different. We had a few gifts bought, again up to 10lbs but these are even bigger! We’ve bought a few first size ones (up to 7lbs 8oz) which fit a lot better but I’m sure she’ll soon grow.


Feeding – we are exclusively breastfeeding which is now going well. We had a few difficulties early on. She showed no interest in feeding for the first 18 hours. Midwives helped me repeatedly but she refused to latch. I’ll admit I got a bit worried and also felt guilty that perhaps it was due to the delay in starting (she was around 4 hours old when we first tried as I had to go to theatre after she was born). I know I couldn’t help having to be away from her so early on and the same thing happened to my first daughter yet she latched on without any problems. I expressed colostrum which we syringe and cup fed to her until she eventually latched on. By 24 hours she had fed twice, 6 hours apart which meant we had to spend a second night in hospital until she was feeding more confidently. Since then she has gone from strength to strength. Yes she sometimes goes longer than the “ideal 4 hours” that some midwives seem to want but then so did my first daughter and she thrived on breastfeeding. Other times she cluster feeds for several hours. There is no routine yet but again I expect that.

Sleep – again it is too early to have any kind of routine. She didn’t like sleeping in the hospital cot or our mosses basket for the first 5 days. She’d wake crying  frequently, only to fall straight back to sleep in my arms. Now though she sleeps longer in her mosses basket and usually only wakes when she is hungry. I’m still enjoying having her sleep in my arms for some of her naps though but it does make it easier for me to get some rest if I can put her down.

Miscellaneous – being so new there is not much else to update on. So far she’s  not showing signs of being a sicky baby like her big sister. She’s had the hiccups once or twice most days. She wasn’t bothered by her car seat on our way home from hospital. She’s had her first bath which she hated. We’ve had a fairly quiet week at home so she’s just had one very short walk in her pram.


Me at 1 week postpartum – I felt like I was recovering well on day 5. My bleeding has pretty much stopped, as have the after pains (they were definitely worse than with my first but only during feeds) and apart from some mild back ache I was doing OK. My milk came in on day 3 and I’ve been really engorgement as well as having the same painful let down I had last time round. I thought I had missed the baby blues or day 5 hormones. I felt nothing but content and like I had everything I’d ever wanted. Then on day 6 I think the sleep deprivation took effect. I felt emotional, exhausted and like I was unable to cope/failing as a mother. Thankfully I got a bit more sleep last night and today my mood feels back to normal. I stopped my painkillers on Monday evening but have started taking them again just twice a day as I’m feeling a bit sore/tender in my back and abdomen which the midwife explained was due to all my organs moving back in to their pre-pregnancy positions. Despite not really doing that much, I feel like my body is telling me to rest more so today I’m doing just that. Previously I’ve not been exactly flying around or going out lots but I haven’t been napping or even resting during the day. I’ve been trying to keep things normal for my eldest by being up and about, playing with her and also doing bits of household chores like washing etc.

How my eldest is adapting – She seems to be adapting fairly well to having a little sister. She so clearly loves her (she’s always liked cuddling and stroking babies so it wasn’t a huge surprise that she’s besotted by the tiny one). We do seem to be getting more tears if she doesn’t get her own way and the first night with both at home she was upset and unsettled at bedtime. She wasn’t keen on going to nursery either on Monday and Tuesday but was apparently fine once my husband left. I’m sure she’ll soon get used to the new normal and almost forget what life was like before.

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  1. June 17, 2016 / 6:06 pm

    She is gorgeous and that hair! I know what you mean about the second – with your first you question if you will ever sleep again but you know with your second there is light at the end of the tunnel!!! Xxx

  2. Kim
    June 20, 2016 / 6:57 pm

    SO happy to read this post 🙂 I am going to welcome my second baby in about 3 weeks. Great update on the first week! #MarvMondays

  3. June 21, 2016 / 7:49 pm

    What a gorgeous girly, congratulations! Lovely update and gives me some much-needed insight as my second is due within the next couple of months. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  4. June 26, 2016 / 1:27 am

    How sweet! Congratulations! I had problems with newborn baby clothes sizes with my two as well, as they were also both quite small – both wore tiny baby for the early weeks & even those were quite big, strangely! #MarvMondays

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