Best Christmas gifts for toddlers

My youngest is coming up to two and a half, she’s also my second daughter so I feel over the last 5 years we’ve tried lots of toys and gifts. These gifts below are some of our favourites that I believe would make great gifts for babies and toddlers this Christmas.  This list includes items I have been sent to review and things we already own that my kids have played with over and over. The one thing they all have in common is that we love them. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy through them I may make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. Some items in this post were sent to me in exchange for inclusion in this gift guide. Items are marked with a *  

The Gruffalo puzzle set *

We love The Gruffalo story here, in fact, we love most of Julia Donaldson’s books. This puzzle set is a lovely gift for toddlers. It includes a 16 piece jigsaw which forms a picture of the woodland from the book. Five wooden characters from the book are also included which can then be played with on top of the jigsaw to make up or retell stories from the popular book.

Toddler Gift guide

The snowman puzzle tray *

We love the Snowman and this is a gorgeous wooden puzzle. It’s a very simple 5 piece one so perfect from around 12 months.

Geomag Magicube *

My 2 year old still loves the magicube sets we were sent last year. We were sent this really fun new set Mix and match. The set includes 6 magnetic cubes with different pictures on each side. The pictures are heads, bodies and legs so that your child can have fun making lots of funny characters. My toddler loves how these cubes magnetically pull together. She also loves telling me when the pictures don’t match up to create “the right” character. Available to buy now. The set on the left is a really simple and fun starter set of 8 cubes with plain colours on each side. Available to buy here.

Toddler Gift Guide


Hape Pepe & friends *

Christmas gift guide for toddlers

  I love Hape toys so I was thrilled when they offered to send me a couple of their new toys to review. They sent us Pepe and friends friendship puzzle blocks and friendship tower . I love how colourful both of these toys are. You all know how much I love colour but I also know how much toddlers do too as it catches their attention. All the pieces are the right size for little hands and really well made. The friendship puzzle blocks include 9 pieces that can be stacked or laid out on a table to make 6 different pictures. The friendship tower is 5 stacking boxes with cut out windows and doors. There are 4 wooden animals (Pepe and friends) that can be matched to 4 of the boxes (the animal’s homes). I love both toys and I am sure that E will do too.  

Christmas gift guide for toddlers


Lumie Bedbug *

Our youngest is not the best sleeper and we’ve tried a number of nightlights, sound machines etc to try and help her sleep better. We were recently sent Lumie (who she calls “Lou Lou”) which is a new nightlight that has low blue light levels and as such is non-alerting if your child wakes in the night. It also has a 15-minute gradual sunset mode to naturally promote sleep and settle your child. We love our Lumie bedbug so far. Our toddler loves it and asks for it if we have forgotten to switch it on at bedtime and she has finally started sleeping through the night. I obviously can’t confirm that this is down to Lumie but he’s staying on every night anyway. Available here.  

Toddler gift guide

Kit & Kin baby products *

It’s always been important to me to use gentle products on my children. Kit & Kin bath products contain no SLS or parabens which is something I always look for in baby bath products. The soil association has certified them as natural and they don’t test on animals. They also smell divine.  You can find their full range of products here.  

Toddler Gift Guide


Christmas gift guide for toddlers

  We love Duplo in our house and have quite a box full already. E has been showing an interest in it for a while now and F who is 4 will still occasionally play with it too. We have basic bricks, a farm, train, Doc Mc Stuffins and various other sets. I’m tempted to get E this set for Christmas even though we have so much already as I think the cogs are a great idea and we don’t have anything like it. My one tip would be to buy a big Duplo baseplate as all the sets only come with little ones.  


Christmas gift guide for toddlers

  Over the years we have built up quite a collection of Happyland toys. We have the zoo, farm, tree house and numerous people and animals. We also have the Christmas set which will come out in December. They are the perfect size for little hands and great for imaginative play.  


Books make great gifts for children of any age. I shared some of my favourite books for babies and toddlers here.

Art materials

Christmas gift guide for toddlers

  We love being creative and toddlers love having a go at mark making. I love chunky crayons for little hands but I find Crayola twistables good too. We also like these chunky paint brushes, stamps and rolling pins. Toddlers love getting messy but if you want something a lot less messy then an Aquadoodle mat might be a good investment.  

Wonderworld wooden rainbow sound blocks

Christmas gift guide for toddlers

  Building blocks are great for toddlers and we have a couple of different sets. These wonderworld rainbow sound blocks are particularly good as they are chunky and robust. They are appealing to young children as they are all different bright colours and contain different sized beads so they make different sounds.  

Musical instruments

Christmas gift guide for toddlers

  We have a few different musical instruments sets that are great for young children. There are many benefits to playing with instruments for toddlers. We use them whilst singing nursery rhymes together.  

Tobbles Neo

Christmas gift guide for toddlers

Tobbles Neo is a stacking toy with a difference. Each piece is weighted and as well as stacking each piece also spins (2 pieces are missing from this photo). E really enjoys this toy.  

More ideas

Shape sorters. A play kitchen and food. We have the IKEA play kitchen which we bought F when she was 18 months. E has enjoyed it for a few months already and f is now 4 and still loves it. A set of Ican Early talker cards. These cards are packed full of ideas for parents to try with their toddler. Not only are they fun but they help encourage language development.


Disclosure – Items marked with * were sent to us for review. All the other gifts we’ve purchased ourselves for our daughters over the years. All photos, thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, if you buy through them I get a small commission, this does not affect the price you pay.  

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