Christmas tree play dough

Christmas tree play dough


I know Christmas is almost over but I thought I would share the details of one of our advent calendar activities. This was really quick to set up, not too messy and kept the ladybird entertained for the best part of an hour on a couple of occasions.

I already had a bag of green play dough from earlier in the year. Our home made play dough has last really well. I think it was March time when I made it. I store it in a sandwich bag sealed, in our garage. I started by rolling the play dough out and using a Christmas tree cutter to cut out three trees for her. I put the trees on a tray and added a tray of sparkly pom poms, foam shapes and a few pipe cleaners.


I decorated one for her and then let her play how she wanted. She loved it from the off set and happily decorated her trees.


She soon had all the decorations on her three trees so she clearly is not a minimalist!


She did eventually start to demolish the Christmas trees and play how she wanted. I left her to it as I am a great believer that in activites like this there is no right way to play. The pom poms and foam shapes were very easy to remove from the play dough at the end any way.


This is definately an activity I will repeat next Christmas and of course we will countinue to play with play dough regularly. The ladybird got her first two sets of “real” play dough for Christmas, ice cream and sweet themed. I think I’m looking forward to playing with them as much as the ladybird.

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