DIY marbled Christmas card

Marbled paper christmas card

Have you ever made Christmas cards with your children? It’s something we do each year and their grandparents love receiving these cards. Today I’m sharing my favourite DIY marbled Christmas card activity that even your littlest crafter can enjoy.

Marbled paper christmas card

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Over the years we’ve made a number of different styles. Pinterest is such a great place for inspiration. I find the best for young children though is process-based designs.

Toddlers particularly enjoy the process so much more. The end result might not be a Pinterest worthy Santa or reindeer but young children would struggle with that.

There are ways to make the card obviously festive whilst still allowing your child to enjoy the process. For instance, in this card, I have stuck to classic red and green and I bought a selection of Christmas foam stickers that are festive and fun for toddlers.  

DIY marbled Christmas card

You will need:

* Shaving foam

* Poster paint

A stick (I bet you’ve collected lots on your walks)

Deep baking tray

* Large lolly stick

*A4 white card

*Christmas foam stickers

Marbled paper christmas card
Here’s what you will need.

How to marble card or paper

Creating marble paper is a really fun and simple process for young children.

I love process art for young children. I find they enjoy it so much more than crafts with a defined end product (where I end up having to help them out).

My two year old loves painting so this is perfect. She did need some help scraping the foam off at the end. My 5 year old also enjoyed this activity and was able to do it all herself.  

To start, fill a tray with shaving foam, then add splashes of paint throughout the foam. Then use a stick to marble the paint throughout the foam.  

Marbled paper christmas card
Marbled paper christmas card
This almost looks good enough to eat! I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Place a piece of card or paper on top of the foam and gently press down all over. Lift the card or paper off the foam and use a lolly stick to remove the foam, leaving the paint behind.  

Marbled paper christmas card

Leave to dry before moving on to the next step. This video shows the process much better than I can ever write.  

If you choose to use the end result as wrapping paper, then you need to make these Candy Cane Holder and Gift Tags.

This is a fantastic Christmas process art activity, if you want another, try these melted crayon christmas ornaments.

We love this marble-painted Christmas tree for making Christmas cards too.

How to make a Christmas card with your marbled card

This was my toddler’s favourite part of this activity as she was able to do it all herself. I simply gave her a selection of Christmas foam stickers. The only part I had to help with was removing the backing from the stickers.  

Marbled paper christmas card
Concentrating hard
Marbled paper christmas card
Marbled paper christmas card

I hope you enjoy this simple and fun festive activity. It’s great fun and I love the end results. Perfect for making this Christmas a kid-made one.  

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  1. Nicole The Professional Mom Project says:

    These are lovely and it’s so nice to receive a hand made card. So special and fun for the kids too

  2. Alyssa says:

    How long does the paint need to set before removing the foam? I want to do this with a group of kids but we’ll only have a short amount of time.

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