E at 12 months

E at 12 months

E turned 1 at the end of last week. I know we all say it but where has the last 12 months gone? She’s becoming more and more of a toddler and I don’t think it will be long before she is walking. We’ve spent the weekend celebrating her birthday. We had a lovely trip out on Saturday (despite the miserable weather) and a family party on Sunday.

The biggest change this month is that she has started nursery two days a week. If you follow me on Instagram or read my Friday little loves posts, you will know that she has settled in amazingly. The staff say they haven’t had anyone settle in as well for a long time. She did two 2 hour sessions and then last week she did two full days. She’s been fine the whole time, exploring the room and toys, eating and napping well.  Each time I leave her she just crawls straight off to explore something. Each time I go to pick her up she is busy, happily doing something but once she spots me she gives me the biggest smile and crawls straight over to me. The only trouble they have with her is she refuses any milk when she is there but they say she eats and drinks water so I am not worried. F was just the same. Worse in fact. She used to fight nap times their too and I really expected E to be the same as she does at home but they tell me she is asleep within 5 minutes!


We were looking back at photos of my eldest when she turned one and in some photos, they look so similar. E has more hair and it is straight. I can’t see her developing curls like F. E’s hair is also a bit lighter, strawberry blond really. She gained another tooth at the bottom front this month (so now she has 5) and she is showing signs of teething still. Her eyes have stayed blue.


I’ve not had her weighed since her 11 month update. She was on track to be around 18 lbs at one. She does seem small, in fact, she still fits some 3-6 month clothes but she’s mostly in 6-9 months.


E is still not a great eater. Some days are better than others. She eats a mix of finger food and is spoon fed things like yoghurts and chopped up meals. Some meals she will refuse anything being fed to her but will pick up food herself. Other meals she eats better if we spoon feed her and sometimes she eats the most by doing a mixture. There really doesn’t seem to be any pattern to what/when she will eat. You’ve been ill twice this month which probably doesn’t help as you obviously lose your appetite when you are ill. That means you’ve been ill every other week now for 6 weeks. I’m hoping this is going to improve soon. They’ve all been different minor bugs but they’re starting to add up to a lot of days ill and not eating.

She is still breastfed but she only has two feeds during the day and if I’m honest I think she is using them to get to sleep for her naps. She still feeds during the night a lot! She also feeds more whilst ill.


E is still waking multiple times a night. 3 wake ups is a good night. To be honest, because I’m back at work & need my sleep, I tend to let her sleep with us from the first wake up after I’ve gone to bed. She still wakes once or twice but she does sleep for much longer stretches.


The day after she turned one she started crawling properly on hands and knees. She’s been dragging herself around on her tummy for so long, I didn’t think she’d crawl properly. She pulls herself to standing all the time and has started cruising around the furniture. Recently she has started to let go with one hand too.

She still babbles lots but other than shouting mama when she wants me, she has no other words. She loves waving and is very good at shaking her head when she doesn’t want to eat.

What she enjoys

She mostly enjoys exploring! She’s not one for sitting still for any length of time, she gets frustrated in her pushchair when we are out if we stop. At home or in the garden, she just wants to be free to crawl and cruise around. She loves music and bounces along or kicks her legs. Her favourite nursery rhyme in The wheels on the bus which she tries to do the round and round arm movements. She loves bubbles, baths and a good rummage! If you give her a box or basket of anything she will have so much fun emptying it. Toy’s wise she loves our little tikes car, noisy books and a Happyland push along train.

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  1. June 18, 2017 / 9:44 am

    So, so glad that Nursery is going well and that she has settled in. It’s always such a worry wondering how they will cope.

  2. June 24, 2017 / 2:20 pm

    Oh, look at those sweet little feet! I’m glad nursery is going well for her, it’s lovely to keep a record of things. Also, that cake looks delicious! #PostsFromTheHeart

    • Claire
      June 24, 2017 / 8:06 pm

      Thank you. It was delicious.

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