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Family walks are one of the best outdoor activities for children. Would you like to track your family walks? Ever wondered how many miles/km you walk as a family in a month or even a year? Then you need my family walks tracker printable. It’s free to download and you can use it to track all your family walks.

2 photos of different family walks tracker sheets and overlay text in a circle reading family walking challenge

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Family walking challenges

Perhaps you’d like to set your family a challenge to walk a set distance this year. We all know how kids need a little encouragement on walks though. My kids are no different from yours. We have good walks and whinge filled walks too. After all, that’s why I wrote my post on fun things to do on a walk with kids.

The element of challenge helps us all. Why not try setting a monthly or even yearly challenge to walk a certain distance with your family. Aim to make it realistic but a bit of a challenge too.

500 mile challenge printable, partly completed with colouring pens next to it.

Start by thinking how far you typically walk and how many times a month you go walking, then multiply this by 12. If your children are little, perhaps 50 miles is a good starting point. My girls are 4 and 7, we go walking most weeks so I’ve decided to aim for 100 miles.

I’ve created a printable family walks printable for us all to use. They will act a visual reward for each walk or hike you take. Kids will love colouring in the corresponding number of parts of the tracker to how many miles or kilometres you walked.

A4 paper with large text reading FAMILY WALKS. The letters are divided up so different sections can be coloured every time 1 mile is walked

I’ve created 50, 100 and 500 mile and also km sheets. You can make other distances by using say the 50 miles and 2 of the 100-mile sheets. Or you could just pick one to start with and see how you get on.

I’ve also included an optional record sheet where you can record more details if you wish. You can record the date of the walk, the location and the distance walked. You might even like to consider keeping a walking diary with your kids.

Get your family walks printable tracker here

Simply download the file below and decide which sheet you want to start with. Then print this page off and stick it somewhere you’ll see it regularly.

I’m thinking I’ll put ours on the fridge next to our 1000 hours outside tracker (another fantastic challenge for outdoor-loving families). Then plan your first walk and when you get back you can colour in the number of parts equal to the distance you walked.

So what are you waiting for? Enter your email below and download your free printable family walks tracker.

100 km tracking page. 100 feet to colour in. A few are coloured in and the pens are next to the paper

How do I track the distance we walk?

So now you have your printable, you might be wondering how you keep track of how far you walk. Most mobile phones do this using apps like Strava and map my run.

A fitness watch is another great option. I love my * Garmin Venu SQ, it uses GPS to accurately track your walk. I’ve also heard some parents love fitness trackers for kids but I’ve not tried any of these.

Ways to entertain kids on walks

As I mentioned above, I write a lot about walking with kids and ways to keep them entertained. Some of my favourite ways are:

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Planning your next family walk

Two children at the top of a mountain

It’s never too soon to start planning your next family walk. I write a lot about the walks we love. At the moment these are mostly in the North West England but I do try to add ones that we enjoy on our travels.

Find the best family walks North West here which links to all my posts on different family-friendly walks in the different regions.

Free online community for outdoor-loving families

If you want to get support and encouragement from other parents who enjoy getting outdoors with their kids? Join the free Facebook group Wildling explorers. Every Wednesday is Walking Wednesday where we all share tips and ideas for walks and activities to try on walks.

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