Winter activities for kids

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This post is packed with ideas for winter activities for kids. If you love seasonal activities for kids, then this is the post for you. I love doing seasonal activities with my children. It’s such a great way of teaching them about the seasons.

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Winter activities for kids

Winter is a fantastic season for inspiring kid’s activities. I’ll be the first to admit though I do find it harder to get my kids outside in winter. I know many other parents do too.

In this post you will find ideas to get you and your kids outside in winter as well as activities to do inside and the best winter books to read together.

Winter outdoor activities for kids

As I mentioned above, I’ve traditionally struggled with getting my kids outdoors in winter. I find the run-up to Christmas and the period between Christmas and new year easier as there are so many great Christmas days out in the North West where we live.

January though is where I really used to struggle. To help myself and all the parents like me out, I created the ultimate list of outdoor activities for kids in winter.

This list is packed full of ideas for things to do outdoors with children in winter. Most of the ideas don’t even require snow as I know many of us spend all winter longing for it to snow.

photo of colourful ice cubes, one of bird foot steps in the snow and one of a toddler dressed for winter collecting a heart with a number on it

I did include some ideas for things to do in the snow, like my personal favourite, painting snow.

One of the easiest things to do in winter is simply go for a walk. You’ll love my winter scavenger hunt printable for keeping your kids entertained.


Winter is a great time for making the most of the darker evenings to teach our children about the dark. Perhaps you’ll learn about the night sky and try star gazing or perhaps you’ll learn about nocturnal animals. Either way, you need to read my Out and about night explorer review. It’s a great companion to the winter months.

Winter crafts for kids

You’ll be able to collect loads of sticks on your winter walks so here is a post filled with 30 fun things to do with sticks.

Another lovely idea is to make a simple DIY paper lantern and go on an early evening walk in the dark.

Winter sensory play

Winter sensory play is great for preschoolers and toddlers. You’ll find loads of great ideas for winter sensory play for toddlers and preschoolers.

My absolute favourite for little ones though is this mess-free winter sensory play for toddlers.

Winter books for children

Reading seasonal books with children is a really fun way of connecting them with seasonal changes. There are loads of gorgeous winter stories for children to choose from as well as more educational children’s books about winter.

Find my favourite winter books for toddlers in this post.

Here you will find some of the most beautiful picture books about winter and find seven more beautiful winter-themed books here.

4 photos of kids winter books

Winter activities for kids, month by month

Photos of a baby with a red treasure basket, a christmas craft and a winter sensory bin

Winter includes a few holiday celebrations that inspire fun activities for children. That’s why I have a post for each month of the year so that you can be inspired not only by the winter season but also by the holidays that we celebrate each year.

December activities for kids

December in my house is always filled with Christmas days out, crafts, activities and books. You’ll find loads of ideas for December activities for kids here.

January activities for kids

January is traditionally where I start to struggle more with getting my kids outside but there are still lots of great winter activities that you can do in January. Find them all in this post on January activities for kids.

February activities for kids

Valentine’s day in February can be another fun celebration to use to inspire your play and reading. Find more fun February activities for kids here.

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