February activities for kids

4 images of different winter kids activities and books with overlay text reading February activities for kids

This post is designed to guide you to my best posts for finding February activities for kids so that you too can enjoy exploring the season with your children. These are some of the best Winter activities for kids that I have found.

I’ve covered everything from seasonal books, crafts and activities, what to do in the garden and other ideas for getting kids outdoors.  

4 images of different winter kids activities and overlay text that reads the best kids activities for february

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February activities for kids

Are you excited about all the activities you will get up to in February? January can feel like a long month for some people so it’s nice that it’s finally February.

I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of winter but I do enjoy exploring the seasons with my two young daughters so I try to make the most of winter for them. I’m definitely looking forward to spring more though.

February in the garden

It’s still a little early to start planting in your garden but you can continue to plan your family garden for this year. You might even like to start * ordering your seeds.

If this is your first year growing vegetables with your children, you might find my guide to starting gardening with children useful or this one on creating a raised bed vegetable garden.

Winter is also a great time to think about encouraging wildlife into your garden such as making pine cone bird feeders.

You can start sowing seeds like leeks and onions undercover as well as continuing chitting early potatoes.

Now is a good time to start weeding and forking compost into your vegetable beds, before covering with black plastic to warm the soil.  

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February outdoor kid’s activity inspiration

February can be one of the coldest months and there’s always the possibility of snow too. I know how hard it can be to get outside with young children in winter. That’s why I created a post full of outdoor activities for kids in winter.

Staying indoors can often feel like the easier option but I think we always benefit from wrapping up warm and stepping outside the house, even just for a short time.

I’ve shared lot’s of information on the benefits of getting outside with children here, as well as lots of ideas for things to do whilst you are out.

In winter, if you have really young children, shorter trips, closer to home can be the best idea so that they can easily be cut short if the cold just gets too much for them. I’ve shared many places that are great for days out with young children here, many of them are still great in the winter too.

If you’re lucky enough to get snow, perhaps you could bring some inside and play with artic animal toys or how about painting snow?  

There are so many great ways to entertain kids on a walk. We love family walks. It’s not too late to start tracking how far you walk as a family. Or even set yourself a challenge of 50, 100 or 500 miles/km then you need my free family walks tracker printables.

Another great idea for getting kids outdoors is my winter scavenger hunt printable.


You really need to try geocaching with kids if you haven’t already. It’s perfect for giving winter walks a purpose.

Don’t forget to pack your picnic – find my Winter picnic ideas here.

Another great activity to do is to join the star count in February. Find the full details here but the basics is to choose a clear night between 6 and 14th February and look up at the constellation of Orion and report how many stars you see.


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February on the bookshelves

Do you love reading seasonal children’s books? We have some beautiful picture books about winter which I shared so you can be inspired.

If you have a toddler then you’ll love this post on the best winter books for toddlers.

I also put together a list of love-themed books to read around valentine’s day too.

We still love our copy of I am the seed that grew the tree which is packed full of beautiful illustrations and a seasonal poem for every day of the year. The follow-up book Tiger, tiger burning bright is equally gorgeous.

You might also want to start reading picture books about gardening in preparation for Spring.  

Winter is a great time to get outside after dark with young children. If you’d like to start exploring the dark with children then I can’t recommend this book enough – Out and about night explorer review. They’ll love stargazing and learning about nocturnal wildlife.

Collage of winter books

February ideas for creating and playing

There are so many fantastic winter activities for kids. Children love anything inspired by snow in my experience.

As well as lots more winter-themed activities (snow, arctic animals, birds), February adds in valentine’s day for extra ideas too. I loved creating themed treasure baskets when my two were babies. This valentine’s day treasure basket is perfect for this month.

Another great way to enjoy the dark evenings with young kids is to make these simple DIY paper bag lanterns for toddlers and take them outside before bedtime.

I love sensory play at this winter sensory play activity for toddlers is fun and mess-free.

February play ideas

Recommended resources

More seasonal activities for kids

If you’re already starting to think ahead then you will be pleased to hear that I already have posts for all the other months.

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