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7 Halloween books for young children

October 11, 2017
Halloween books for young children

Last week I shared our favourite picture books for the autumn. Well, these books are only half the books we are reading this month. We are of course also reading Halloween books too. Don’t worry these books aren’t scary but my 4 year old (F) loves them all. These are my favourite Halloween books for young children.

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Halloween books for young children

Room on the broom, Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler

We love Room on the broom, it’s a rhyming story that is fun to read aloud. The words just roll off the tongue. It’s perfect for Halloween for young children. Yes, it features a witch but a kind witch. She keeps losing things and various animals help her find them again. They also save her from a dragon and in return, she creates a deluxe broomstick with room for them all to travel on. It’s quite a long story but everyone in our house enjoys it. The illustrations are perfect and it’s such a fun story.

Halloween books for young children

Winnie the Witch, Valerie Thomas, Korky Paul

I’ve only just introduced Winnie the Witch to F so we’ve started with this one which is the first in a classic series of books. Again Winnie is a kind witch so it is perfect to read with young children. Winnie lives in a black house with her black cat (Wilbur). The walls are black, the floors are black and even the furniture is black. So when Wilbur closes his green eyes, Winnie can’t see him and this is how the trouble begins. A really fun story that has left us looking forward to reading the other books in this series.

Halloween books for young children

Meg and Mog, Helen Nicoll & Jan Pienkowski

Halloween books for young children

I remember Meg and Mog books from my own childhood and I am loving the fact that F now enjoys reading them too. Our local library stock a good selection and we have loved all the ones we have read. This one is a great introduction to the series and it mentions Halloween too. Meg (a witch) and Mog (her cat) are going to a party up in the sky but Meg’s friends don’t know what they have let themselves in for when their spell turns them into mice. F loves the funny spells in these books.

Frog in a bag,

Bat in a hat,

Snap crackle pop

And fancy that

We love the simple but bright illustrations and fun stories. They are really good for F now she is learning phonics as the text is large, simple and full of simple words like bat, egg, frog, owl etc.  These books have really stood the test of time.

Halloween books for young children

Wake up do, Lydia Lou, Julia Donaldson, Karen George

Wake up do, Lydia Lou is another Julia Donaldson book that we love. In this book, a ghost is trying to scare Lydia but he can’t even wake her up. He fetches his animal friends to help but nothing can wake her. Finally, she wakes from her dreams but instead of screaming she laughs at them all. Another rhyming story that is so fun to read aloud. Filled with animals sounds to make and lots of repetition, F has loved this book for several years now.

Halloween books for young children

Batmouse, Steve Smallman

Halloween books for young children

This is a lovely book a mouse (Pip) who want to be a bat when he grows up so he can fly. He makes himself a set of wings and tries to fly. One day he bumps into Albert (a bat). Albert teaches Pip about how bats sleep (upside down) and what they eat (moths, not cheese). Suddenly being a batmouse doesn’t sound quite so good after all. However, Albert carries Pip home and he gets his one chance to fly. Pip no longer wants to be a bat when he grows up. I imagine his mum is relieved until Pip spots a digging mouse! Now Pip wants to be a Mole when he grows up. This is a really fun story that F has loved for some time. At the back of the book are a few suggestions for parents or teachers to start discussions with children which are a really useful addition.

Halloween books for young children

Ten spooky skeletons, Gary Parsons

We love ten spooky skeletons. This is a fun counting book perfect for Halloween. The skeletons on each page are having lots of fun doing things such as travelling on a pirate ship, in the circus, doing magic tricks and ice skating.  The text is full of rhymes and has a great rhythm. We love the cut outs on each page that hint at what is to follow and the last page is really fun glow in the dark page.

Halloween books for young children

Creepy Cobwebs

One for the youngest readers, especially the ones who love Peppa Pig! This was the first Halloween book we bought F when she was just 2 years old. It’s not scary in the slightest. This book covers all the things that Peppa and George find scary but if it all gets too scary, mummy pig is there to give them a big cuddle.

Halloween books for young children

Halloween books for young children

So there you have it, 7 great books for young children to enjoy this Halloween.  Have I missed any great Halloween books for young children?

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Halloween books for young children

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  1. What a great selection! We loved Room on the Broom and Winnie the Witch when our kids were little and, like you, I remember Meg and Mog very fondly from my own childhood. It’s good to see they have stood the test of time!

  2. Another selection of great Halloween books, I haven’t come across the bat one before so thank you! We have just borrowed Winnie from the library so perfect timing for Halloween 🙂 #KLTR

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