New books to gift this Christmas

New books to gift this Christmas

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Over the last few months, we have been sent some great books to review. They’re not Christmas books but books that can be enjoyed all year round. If you’re looking for Christmas books then I recommend 24 in my book advent calendar post. Books make great gifts for kids. My girls love books and there are so many great books available. Giving a book for Christmas is great for encouraging children to read and for a gift they’ll still be enjoying next Christmas.


This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through them, I make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. These books were all sent to me buy publishers for review.


The elephant that ate the night, Bing Bai, Yuanyuan Shen

My 5 year old hates the dark so I was keen to try reading this book with her. It’s a great book for talking about the dark and how there is nothing to fear about it. In this story, there is an elephant that enjoys eating the dark and a group of young animals that don’t like the dark. The elephant eats the dark in the forest but this soon leads to the animals not being able to sleep and getting very tired. I love that this book teaches young children that not only is the dark necessary but that it also isn’t something that we need to fear. The illustrations are lovely too. Buy now from Amazon.



Wiseish words for kids

This book is full of brightly coloured illustrations that are attention grabbing for children. It’s not so much a story but a collection of phrases of words of wisdom.  I think my 5 year old will still be a little young to appreciate some of these phrases but for older children, it is perfect for building confidence.  The front cover can be personalised with the name of the recipient and the gift giver which is a lovely feature. There are also versions available for many other types of people like new parents, teens and milestone birthdays. Find out more here.



The secret woodland activity book, Mia Underwood

My kids love activity books. This one is probably the most beautiful one I have come across. Suitable for children from aged 5. My daughter loves all things unicorns, fairies and anything magical like that. The illustrations are cute and colourful. This book includes activities like dress up a unicorn using stickers, drawing prompts, code breaking, crafts, creative writing prompts and many more. Being at the lower end of this age range she needs some parental support to read and carry out some of these activities but it is a truly magical book for children. Find out more here.



Red and the city, Marie Voigt

A modern day retelling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood. This time set in the city instead of the woods and instead of the big bad wolf, it’s the city that swallows Red up. We love the story and the illustrations too which are a little different because they are mainly black and white with little bits of red throughout each picture. Buy Red and the city here.



Horace and Harriet, Friends, Romans, Statues, Clare Elsom

We’ve only recently started reading chapter books to our eldest (5 years old) and the Horace and Harriet series has been our favourite find. This is the third book in the series that we have read and loved. Horace (or Lord Commander Horatio Frederick Wallington Nincompoop Maximus Pimpleberry the Third) is a statue but not just any statue. Horace is always up to no good and this time his hilarious adventures take us to Rome. We love these books as they are really fun to read and listen too as well as having lots of illustrations throughout. The perfect first chapter books. Buy this one here.



A cat’s guide to the night sky, Stuart Atkinson, Brendan Kearney

My girls are currently fascinated by the moon so this book is perfect, particularly for my 5 year old (it’s a little too old for my 2 year old). It covers the sky through the seasons and the constellations you can see as well as the moon’s phases, planets, satellites and much more. It’s one of those books for dipping in and out of, not for reading in one sitting. The illustrations are really lovely, detailed and cute for children. Available now from Amazon.



This book just stole my cat! Richard Byrne

We love interactive books. My kid’s find this book hilarious and really fun too. The illustrations are cute and colourful. What I find my kid’s love most about this book is when the book speaks to them and asks them to help find the cat (which is lost in the spine of the book). To help find the cat again, the reader needs to tickle the book. My kids love tickling and being tickled so every time we read this book results in fits of giggles and tickling. Get your copy here.



Bob’s blue period, Marion Denchars

This is a really fun and colourful book with cute illustrations. Bob is an artist who loves to paint colourful pictures but when his best friend Bat goes away suddenly he starts feeling blue and all his pictures are blue too. Thankfully Bat comes back and so does all the colour in Bob’s paintings. This book is a little bit different in that it is printed on thick, matte paper, not that dissimilar to an artists pad. Available to buy here.



Sticker shape create, Thereza Rowe

This sticker book is different to the norm, in that the stickers are plain coloured. At the back of the book are 10 different coloured pages full of lots of different shaped stickers. These stickers are to be used throughout the book to create based on the prompts in the book. I love this book for promoting creativity in children. The illustrations are really cute, fun and creative as they are made up of different shapes. Available to buy here.



Little people, Big dreams, Jane Austen,

I love this series of books that introduce children to famous women from history. This beautifully illustrated book chronicles Jane Austen’s life in a way children aged 4-7 years old will enjoy. It’s written like a story about a girl who longs to write books. I’m sure this book will inspire children to follow their dreams. At the end of the book is more detailed information about Jane Austen’s history. Available to buy here.



Discover our solar system, Colin Stuart

This is another space book but one that is aimed at children a bit older than mine. It’d packed full of facts about space. Each planet has a double page spread with illustrations and lots of facts about it. There are also lots of other space facts in the book such as a timeline of all the key space-related moments in history, information on space rockets and the international space centre. Available now from Amazon.



Alain Grée activity books

These activity books are packed full of fun ways to keep your children entertained such as mazes, dot to dots and spot the difference puzzles.  All illustrated with gorgeous, images by Alain Grée. I love the nostalgic feel to these illustrations and books. You can buy them now from Amazon here.



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Disclosure – All these books were sent to me to review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy through them I may make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay.

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  1. November 26, 2018 / 2:30 pm

    Some new to me books recommendations – thanks! I had no idea there was a ‘This Book Just Stole My Cat’; my son has (& absolutely loves) ‘This Book Just Ate My Dog’ by the same author.

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